Eleny Romanos-Sirakis, MD, MS, FAAP

pediatric hematologist-oncologist/mother/educator

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Dr Romanos-Sirakis is an accomplished clinician, medical educator, researcher, leader, mother, and mentor.  She is board-certified in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and currently serves as the Director of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Northwell-SIUH.  She understands that all children have unique needs and is dedicated to providing personalized care to meet the individualized needs of her patients and their entire families. She works tirelessly to ensure that the needs of all patients are prioritized.  Ensuring optimal quality of life is a focus of her care.  In addition, she has additional training and experience in pain management and the care of neurodiverse patients.

In addition to her focus on patient care, she passionately works to promote and advance medical education locally and nationally.  She earned her masters degree in Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership. She has used these skills to advance the professional development and educator skills of faculty and trainees.  She was appointed Director of Pediatric Faculty Development, and in this role, she created a longitudinal curriculum for faculty and continues to develop the program and serve in this role.  She has participated as a member of her institution’s faculty retreat planning committee, served as a chair of a hospital-wide faculty development subcommittee, and is developing and implementing additional hospital-wide faculty development initiatives.  She continues to help colleagues develop their skills as leaders and educators.  She was appointed director of the new Medical Educator Track at her local institution; she worked to develop and oversees this new longitudinal program.  In addition to creating and teaching various curricula to trainees and colleagues, she also has taught the concepts of curriculum design to students in a masters program.  She has given local and national talks and workshops on various aspects of professional development as well as pediatric hematology/oncology topics.

She oversees pediatric resident research and serves as the chair of the Pediatric Research and Scholarship Committee.  She actively mentors multiple trainees annually, guiding research initiatives from start to completion.  Her work has been presented at various regional and national conferences and she has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals.

She has served on various local and national committees and has held numerous leadership positions; in the American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, she has served as the chair of the membership committee, member of the Professional development committee, chair of the small programs special interest group and vice-chair of the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) special interest group.  She also has been appointed the co-chair of the wellness working group of the American Medical Women’s Association and is actively involved in the American Association of Pediatrics Section on Hematology/Oncology communications committee. She is actively involved in the physician engagement committee and DEI committee of her institution.

She has mentored many residents and colleagues, and she has earned many awards, including the Northwell Truly Award for Mentorship, Teacher of the year award, finalist for the Northwell Truly Caring award, and finalist for the President’s Physician of the Year award.  As a working mother, she enjoys every minute of family time and finds childrearing to be one of the greatest joys of life.  Whether at work or at home, she finds great joy in guiding and teaching others, always working to help others reach their full potential and goals.

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It is my passion and privilege to care for others and optimize health and education
Eleny Romanos-Sirakis, MD, MS, FAAP
Eleny Romanos-Sirakis, MD, MS, FAAP

It is my passion and privilege to care for others and optimize health and education


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