Date/Time: 2023-02-09 14:00 EST

02/09: Eating Disorder Recognition and (Mis)Management for Physicians

Sally Daganzo, MD FACP discusses why recognition of eating disorders is important for all specialties & how to properly identify them and get appropriate medical care.

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Eating Disorders for Medical Professionals
First Do No Harm

Did you know:

  • Physicians have little training in identification and management of eating disorders, despite their high prevalence.
  • EDs have very high mortality and often go undiagnosed
  • Less than 6% of those with eating disorders are considered “underweight”
  • Patients are most often too ashamed to bring up their behaviors
  • Missing a diagnosis can cause significant medical trauma resulting in patients not seeing their doctor for other care

Come test (and share!) your knowledge in this interactive talk. The focus will be on identification of several types of eating disorders and their medical manifestations. Attendees will leave with several clinical pearls and tools to use for screening when you suspect an eating disorder. Additionally, I will cover the basics medical work up and differential diagnosis of several EDs.


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Sally Daganzo, MD MA FACP

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