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Dr. Weitz Teaches How To Start Your Own Private Medical Practice

The Nutshell

If you want to control how you practice medicine and make more money while doing it this course will give you all the tools you need to start your own private practice.

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Here's the deal:

You’ve spent years training to become an excellent clinician. But unfortunately, we aren’t trained in the business of medicine. You want to start your own private medical practice but are overwhelmed with how to get started.

With this course you will be given concrete, actionable steps to take your dream of owning your own private medical practice and make it a successful reality.

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

Learn how to:

  • define your practice goals and determine where the best opportunities are
  • structure your new practice
  • negotiate insurance contracts
  • develop your fee schedule
  • determine how much space you need
  • negotiate a lease or purchase for your space
  • determine your staffing needs
  • hire and retain staff
  • market your practice
  • decide between in-house and outsourced billing
  • determine your start-up costs
  • determine your practice ramp up and revenue
  • generate financial projections (pro forma)
  • fund your start up

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What makes this instructor qualified?

Sandra Weitz MD is a double board-certified pain management specialist with 20+ years of experience. She started her own private medical practice and grew it to 11 providers. Dr. Weitz built a 25,000 sq ft medical office, started a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center and added multiple other related revenue streams. The key to her success? Understanding the business of medicine.

Dr. Weitz’s attitude has always been that a physician can provide superlative care, make lots of money and control their work/life balance. But being a great, empathetic, clinician isn’t enough.

Dr. Weitz is very aware that many physicians are dissatisfied with their employed physician status. And she wondered why more physicians don’t go into private practice.

After speaking with hundreds of physicians, Dr. Weitz realized that fear and lack of knowledge were the driving forces. In 2020, Dr. Weitz began formally advising physicians on how to start, grow and leverage their medical practices through her podcast, courses, The Private Medical Practice Academy Membership, and Facebook community.

Dr. Weitz uses a no nonsense, nuts and bolts approach to teach the business of medicine so that you have a clear step-by-step process for starting your own private medical practice.

Stand-Out Features:

You’ll get 10 Modules (A total of 35 videos with over 13 hours of curated, keyword searchable video content) in this self-paced Course.

1.The opportunity

·       Identify your practice goals

·       Get the tools to assess practice opportunities

·       Determine where the best opportunities are

2. Practice Structure

·       Which business (LLC vs. S-corp) structure is best for you 

·       How to form your new business

·       Develop your operating agreement or by-laws

3. Money 101

·       Best strategies for deciding whether to take insurance

·       Credentialing and contracting made easy

·       Construct your fee schedule

·       Tips for negotiating your best contracts

4. Your Office Space

·       Determine the best location for your practice

·       How much space you need

·       How to negotiate your lease

·       What furniture and equipment you need

5. Human Resources

·       Determine your staffing needs

·       How to hire staff

·       How to retain staff

·       Compliance requirements

6.Marketing Your Practice

·       How to get (more) referrals

·       Marketing strategies that don’t break the bank

·       How to retain patients

7. Billing and Coding 411

·       How to choose between in-house and outsourced billing

·       Choosing EMR and billing software

·       Strategies to improve your payor mix

8. Revenue and Expenses

·       How to project revenue including your ramp up 

·       Your start-up expenses 

·       Capital Expenditures (big ticket items)

·       Operating Expenses

9. Your Practice Finances

·       Generate your financial projections

·       Determine how much start-up money you need 

·       Write your business plan

·       How and where to obtain financing

10. Growing Your Practice

·       When to open a satellite office

·       When to bring on additional providers

·       Easy to implement leveraging opportunities to generate more money 

In addition, you’ll get calculators, templates and checklists including, but not limited to:

o   Plug-and-play calculators for financial projections including revenue ramp up, start-up costs, operating expenses 

o   Templates for contract management, tracking referrals, marketing, and more.


  • Sample Compliance Manual Template  
  • Sample Policies and Procedure Manual
  • Sample Financial statement policy
  • Sample credit card on file
  • Earn 35 hours of CE
  • Lifetime access to the course including all the training materials and videos within the member’s portal. All updates to the program are included. 

What It Costs:


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