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Dr. Popa Teaches How to Renew Your Soul

The Nutshell

If you want to regenerate and grow psychologically and spiritually, live life making a compassionate impact in the world by helping others, then this program is for you!

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If you want to regenerate and grow psychologically and spiritually, live life making a compassionate impact in the world by helping others, then this program is for you!

Here's the deal:

The Renewal In Action™ Digital Online Course is an in-depth self-care 6-week online program helping the giving and healing professionals to connect with their true self (soul) and build from inside-out a holistic daily regenerative blueprint, so that they feel at peace, renewed and grounded while making this world a better place without the fear of running on empty. 

As a compassionate leader, healer, educator, entrepreneur or caregiver, do you tend to pour your heart out to others, leaving nothing for yourself?

Your energy, empathy and compassion are all finite resources. You deserve to be replenished the same way you pour your heart out to others so that you can keep on giving…


The Renewal In Action™ Program will guide you, step-by-step on how to willingly give to yourself as you willingly give to others by allowing you to create pockets of daily self-care practices designed for you and only you and develop your lifelong Renewal Blueprint

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

  • Balanced approach to transformative regeneration⏤mind, body, heart and soul
  • Develop a Daily Renewal Blueprint connected to your inner workings
  • Work toward aligning your self-care with your higher calling
  • Explore ways to maintain your daily regeneration flow
  • Strengthen your renewal ‘steering wheel’
  • Unravel the steps towards stillness in the present moment
  • Impact the world through your presence
  • Form connections with a like-minded community
  • Explore the bridge between the perspectives of science, psychology, spirituality and christianity
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Course Clients Said This:

What makes this instructor EXTRA qualified?

Ioana Popa

I bring a unique blend of psychology, science, life coaching, interfaith spiritual care and ancient christian wisdom through my almost 3 decades of professional experience across many disciplines: medicine, psychiatry and psychology, education, spiritual care and theological studies. 


With decades of experience as an educator, physician, life coach and spiritual care provider, I  walk and guide my students and clients toward peace, presence, purpose, a sense of empowerment and connection with their higher self & the divine.


In spite of all the training experiences, I burned out twice in my lifetime, and neither time did burnout come announced with bells and whistles. Looking back I wished that I would have had resources back then to prevent it. And that is why it became my life mission to bridge across disciplines and help compassionate professionals to regenerate on the go 


Learning and practicing regeneration through daily sustainable practices, brought me to a new level of being: having a deepened compassionate awareness, feeling energized and connected to my purpose and higher self, while pursuing my dreams and giving to others.


And most of all, I feel rejuvenated moment by moment and I can now prevent burnout through small steps and mini-vacations that I take every day! I can enjoy my family, our 4 amazing children, living in a remote area, with a growing outdoor garden and 40+ indoor plants!


And that’s where I aim to take you with this course!


Dr. Ioana Popa’s is the Co-founder of Team For The Soul® Coaching, Consulting and Spiritual care, which helps compassionate professionals (health and spiritual care providers, leaders, educators, entrepreneurs) and caregivers to regenerate daily, complete grief and transform toward higher potential through

  • The Renewal In Action™ six week digital course
  • Workshops
  • Community membership toward psychological and spiritual growth
  • Online groups 
  • 1 on 1 life coaching and spiritual care.


Physician Psychiatrist 

National Board Certified Life Coach (BCC)

Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach

Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner

Certified Elite Coach

Advanced Grief Recovery® Specialist

Trained In Intimacy From Inside Out Couples Work (basic and advanced level)

Trained In Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care (2 CPE Units – Clinical Pastoral Care)

Stand-Out Features:

  • The Daily Renewal Blueprint System ($4000 value) – develop your lifelong daily regeneration routine infused with your sacred True Self (Soul), while integrating body, mind, and heart.
  • The Renewal Anchor ($500 value) – this is my integrative process to help you develop your regenerating motivational foundation
  • Daily Contemplative Practices ($1000 value) – short practices that bring various lenses and help you bridge science, psychology, spiritual care, ancient christian faith and Jesus Prayer.
  • Self and Co-regulating Practices to stay grounded ($500 value) – quick techniques from across many disciplines to add in your renegeration toolbox
  • The Monthly Renewal Retreat Process ($500 value) – my unique process to help you develop your own monthly mini-retreat so you can refine and integrate your Daily Renewal Blueprint
  • ‘Language Bridge’ Framework across centuries and disciplines ($1000 value) – experience ‘translations’ across many perspectives around self-care and renewal practices
  • Ongoing Support Along Your Renewal Journey ($2000 value) – monthly Mentoring and Q&A sessions for lifetime
  • A Like-minded Community on the same Renewal Journey ($2000 value) – access our private Facebook group
  • Downloadable/Printable Handouts ($500 value)
  • Downloadable Audio files of the Lessons ($500 value)
  • Lifetime Access To The Digital Online Course ($1000 value)
Ioana Popa

Oh! One Last Thing.

Maybe you’re wondering why you should take TRIA The Renewal In Action™️ now, when you already might have vacation time to look forward to and help you ‘renew’?


I know how invigorating a vacation could be, especially when you are able to share that moment with the people that matter most to you, and I know it’s a great time to take a break from work’s demands, but instead of just ‘taking just a break’…


Why not use that time to also break the cycle of burnout for good?



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What It Costs:


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