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Dr. Kreher TEACHES physicians how to land a fulfilling career in the pharma/biotech industry!

If you want an alternative way to use your medical expertise and training as a pharmaceutical physician, this is the perfect course for you!

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Here's the deal.

The Physician’s Pharmaceutical Career Academy is a course to help physicians that want to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. For too many physicians, clinical medicine leads to additional hours at night and on weekends catching up on your charts, questioning if you made the right decision to become a doctor, fatigue from call or extra shifts. Navigating the process to a career in pharma on your own can lead to wasting time applying for the wrong positions, underselling your accomplishments and skills and making uninformed mistakes on your resume or during interviews.

This course is a comprehensive review of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and teaches you how to prepare yourself for an exciting new career. The Physician’s Pharmaceutical Career Academy contains everything you need to be successful and will walk you step-by-step through the process!

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

-Clear explanations of how the pharmaceutical industry works
-Descriptions of the common roles and responsibilities for physicians in pharma
-Learn the responsibilities for typical roles of physicians in the pharmaceutical industry
-Resume Builder
-Company Target List Builder to help you narrow your job search based on specialty, experience and expertise
-Insider Tips to Networking which is a critical success factor
-Interviewing Techniques and Preparation to show you how to communicate the value you offer to the company in a way they understand
-LinkedIn tutorial to help you understand the most efficient way to utilize this important tool in your career search
-Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Nerissa AND access to a private facebook group where you can network with other physicians working towards similar career goals as yours!

Course Clients Said This:

What makes this instructor EXTRA qualified?

Nerissa is the Chief Medical Officer of a biotech company and has more than 15 years of experience working in pharma/biotech.  She knows all the hurdles physicians face in making a career transition and she understands how the hiring process in the pharma industry works! She is passionate about helping her physician colleagues find fulfilling career options in pharma/biotech.


Stand-Out Features:

If you are ready to land your first role in pharma/biotech this course will guide you effectively and efficiently through the process and you will have personalized access to Nerissa throughout your career transition.

What it'll Cost Ya:


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