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Dr. Julie Gunther Teaches Fundamentals of Aesthetics

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The Nutshell

Aesthetics training that is fast-paced, physician directed to get you from 'I don't know' to 'let's go' in one weekend.

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Aesthetics training that is fast-paced, physician directed to get you from 'I don't know' to 'let's go' in one weekend.

Here's the deal:

In this 2 day intensive you will learn directly from Dr. Julie Gunther, family medicine and aesthetics physician and her aesthetics team about the fundamentals of aesthetics, skin and facial anatomy, neurotoxin, filler principles and more.

Day 1 starts with 4 hours of rapid-fire didactics, a tour of sparkMD and an evening session of injecting on other physician participants followed by a long Q&A dinner with drinks and camarderie.

Day 2 starts early and is spent at sparkMD clinic with 1:1 injection opportunities on models provided by sparkMD. Each physician will inject frontalis and glabellar neurotoxin on at least one of their ‘own’ patients with direct hands on supervision. A lunchtime business lecture is provided. In the afternoon, discussion about the business of medicine and aesthetics, managing finances, social media strategies and further practical considerations of the business of aesthetics, with full financials, will be approached.

This is an introductory class. Physician participants can expect to leave feeling ready to begin adding neurotoxin injections to their practice with appropriate resources to ‘hit the ground running’. There is opportunity to discuss and demonstrate filler, lasers, microneedling, bodycontouring and more as an introduction, but this course is designed as an entry point for physicians looking to launch injectables and to develop a plan for their aesthetics future and, in under 36 hours, to help you feel confident with your direction in aesthetics as a business and addition to your medical practice.

Cost of goods and models are provided, along with the assumption that physicians choosing to attend this course are already procedurally sound in other domains within their existing practice.

Seminar includes Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, a comprehensive ‘injection how-to’ take away, Dr. Gunther’s Sparks Start Fires book, and the opportunity to purchase start-up supplies to return home and inject on day 1. All attendees will receive a certificate of completion to submit to malpractice as proof of training.

CME credit is in process. Elective credits may be claimed.
Course is limited to 10 attendees.

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

  • In 36 hours learn how to launch neurotoxin injectables in your practice
  • Physician-directed review of facial anatomy
  • Thinking about the anatomy of the skin and face in aging and aesthetics
  • The role and function of neurotoxin in facial rejuvenation and aesthetics
  • How to inject like a doctor: treat the antaomy, not a template
  • Filler principles and utilization in facial rejuvenation
  • Cautions and contraindications in injectables and filler
  • Hands-on injection time and you do NOT have to bring a model
  • Take-home course materials to extend your business knowledge and injection opportunities

Course Clients Said This:

What makes this instructor EXTRA qualified?

I am a procedurally-trained family physician with extensive training and ‘real-life’ work in the outpatient setting including but not limited to excisional dermatologic procedures, join injections, soft tissue injections and more. I started my own business in 2014 and that venture into entrepreneurship has led to many learnings and many opportunities to grow, learn and teach.

I love teaching, love sharing what I see and know and believe we are far more capable of pivoting, changing, diversifying our practice and finding JOY in what we do than we think.

Many aesthetics courses are NOT taught by physicians and they do not provide the context of extensive anatomic understanding, procedural skill, awareness of anatomic and physiologic complexity. Additionally, it is a challenge to get sufficient ‘hands on’ during aesthetics training, often leaving a new physician with many questions or ‘gaps’ in their next steps after a weekend seminar. My aesthetic courses are designed to show physicians how a physician runs an aesthetics practice, manages an aesthetics team and to teach aesthetics based on an intricate understanding of anatomy, physiology and aging to optimize both patient outcomes and creative opportunities for capable physicians.

Stand-Out Features:

  • Physician-designed, physician-led course with a physician injector for physicians.
  • Fast-paced course designed to allow you to confidently start injectables upon your return home.
  • Focus is on learning to treat to patient goals and patient anatomy, not to a template.
  • Discussion of on and off label use of product, why how and where they work.
  • Discussion/exposure to areas of vulnerability in aesthetics where physicians are often uninformed/taken advantage of to provide a pathway to successful business start up in the aesthetics space.


Oh! One Last Thing.

Courses are limited to 10 physician attendees.

For further one on one options, please go to www.sparkmdtraining.com

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