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Dr. Beal Teaches Gender-Affirming Medical Care

The Nutshell

Teaching you more than just the medicine. Continuing medical education from a physician with a high-volume gender-affirming practice and lived experience. Learn all of the things you can't find in the guidelines.

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Here's the deal:

I used my lived-experience and high-volume practice experience to create a comprehensive and affordable online program to train medical providers in gender-affirming medical care.

It includes:


  • 12 accredited webinars (14 hours CME/CE*)
  • 6 chart note templates
  • 5 pre-visit questionnaires
  • 4 sample visit scripts
  • Over 15 letter templates
  • Quarterly live stream “Ask the Expert” events
  • An active member community


Subscriptions are $199USD per year and will renew annually.

After your annual renewal, new content will be released automatically including 1 New CME accredited webinar every 2 months, quarterly live stream “Ask the Experts”, template updates annually, core content updates every 2 years, continued access to the membership community.

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

You will gain:

  • the medical knowledge to offer adult gender-affirming medical care
  • the language and cultural exposure to offer gender-affirming medical care
  • links to all of the recommended resources and references
  • all of the practical compentents for offering gender-affirming medical care like templates
  • a virtual place to share your thoughts, experience, and questions about gender-affirming medical care


What makes this instructor qualified?

I believe healthcare needs to change. Trans and gender-diverse patients should not be AFRAID to go to their provider’s office. They should expect more from their provider than just getting their name or pronouns correct. Healthcare has a long history of centering white, cis, hetero patients’ needs while using marginilized people for medical experimentation. Colonialism and misogyny have saturated our medical systems and medical training.

I am here to change that.

At QueerCME I strive to disrupt the status quo of medical education by centering training from my lived experience as queer and FEMME (in a nonbinary fashion) and as the family member of many folx who have undergone medical transition.

If you are ready to challenge your bias and socialization, join me and learn how to rethink gender and healthcare.

Stand-Out Features:

  • 14 hours of CME at less than $15/hr
  • Practical tools like chart note and referral letter templates
  • A trainer with lived experience who is part of the gender-diverse community

What It Costs:


Note: Our courses may contain affiliate links, which means a portion of the course goes towards the upkeep of SoMeDocs, at no additional cost to you.

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