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Dr. Douge Teaches Talking About Race with Young Children

If you’re a parent raising young children and struggling with how to start the conversation about race with them, this is the perfect course for you..

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Here's the deal.

How early is too early to talk about race? This is a common question parents ask.

As a bi-racial Black mother I found it challenging to talk to my two sons about race. I knew that I’d eventually have to talk with them but didn’t imagine that I’d need to talk with them when they were young, preschoolers. There were no resources on how to have this conversation with my children.

As a mom and pediatrician, I know that racism impacts children and that parents are looking for ways to have conversations about race but struggle with what to say and when to start.

Talking About Race with Young Children is the course designed to help you learn when and how to talk about race with your children. In the course, I’ll share my experiences, knowledge and provide resources to help you navigate this important conversation.

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

#1 Learn why it’s important to talk about race with young children

#2 Learn basic skills to help you to start the conversation about race with young children

#3 Office hours with Dr. Douge to give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice

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Course Clients Said This:

What makes this instructor EXTRA qualified?

Jacqueline Douge, MD

Dr. Jacqueline Douge is a bi-racial Black mother, pediatrician, speaker, writer and co-author of the American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement, The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health. She uses her experiences as a mother and pediatrician, to help parents struggling to talk to their children about race. She is a sought after expert and speaker on the topics of impact of racism on children’s health and talking to children about race and racism and has been featured in national press outlets such as Today, CNN, Washington Post and NY Times. In addition, she’s the founder of  What is Black, a media company that creates diverse and inclusive programming that uplifts and affirms Black families and children.

Stand-Out Features:

5 video modules

Laser coaching sessions


-10 Thoughtful Conversation Starters

-Resource list 

-6 Tips for Talking To Your Children About Race

-Reflections Worksheet

One Last Thing.

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What it'll Cost Ya:


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