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At SoMeDocs, we believe quality matters; especially where it comes to health.


1) fiercely promoting the individual doctors within today’s unpredictable healthcare system, in order to support their independence 

2) educating & supporting a behind-the-scenes docs-only community

3) facilitating networking in a profession that so badly needs it

4) building resources – right here on this site – where the world can access, for free, beautifully organized lists of the work you’re creating 

Your next step is to join us as a member, which you can do here. We have both paid and free options, depending on your needs. We’re building more QUALITY resources for your growth, so stay tuned.

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Why We're not your average health site.

At SoMeDocs, we believe quality matters where it comes to health.

We aim to:

1) fiercely promote individual REAL doctors within the unpredictable healthcare system of today, in order to support their independence 

2) educate & support a behind-the-scenes community of doctors

3) facilitate networking in a profession that so badly needs it

Quality health expert connections shouldn’t exist behind pay walls. They should be free, seamless, & quick. And we’re delivering that. Now scroll through our mall to meet our medical rockstars.

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Resources for Doctors:

Become a SoMeDocs member and join a community of doctors who are supportive and entrepreneurial by nature.

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If you have any questions about this, we welcome you to ask inside our FB group (doctors only here, open to general public here), so we can answer and all can learn.

Doctors are joining SoMeDocs to help spread the word on their work, whether or not they already have their own spaces they build on.

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We facilitate networking through several ways.

The Doctor Networking Club resembles a monthly conference, taking place the 1st 5 workdays of each month, inside our doctors-only FB group. That month’s agenda (along with directions on how it works) is updated regularly on our website, right here.

Each month, we hold a virtual networking session too. You can sign up for it here.

Live, in-person networking is now taking place in NYC. Find the information for our next session here.

Our newest arm features interesting lectures on the relevant topics of today.

Speakers are invited to simply submit their lecture information and pick a date/time. Everything else – from design to tech setup – is on us.

A landing page is built for the speaker, who co-promotes the lecture along with SoMeDocs and collects any emails that sign up, from those interested in joining. When it’s time to go live, speakers simply click a button and deliver the talk! Easy-peasy.

We offer our lectures for free, to those who attend live. Live attendees also get to engage in Q&A, if they wish.

Once the lecture is over, we package the talk into a new landing page, and feature it inside our On-Demand section, where it can be accessed free or for a fee (up to the speaker!). Speaker doesn’t have to deal with any hosting fees, design or tech work, or managing the lecture itself. The speaker additionally continues collecting emails from anyone who signs up, generating warm leads.

It’s great for passive income (and email) generation for growing doctor businesses.

Check out our COMING UP LIVE section for upcoming lectures.

Check out our ON-DEMAND section for past lectures.

Apply to speak here.

There are so many opportunities out there. The crux of why we were built was to facilitate connections between the doctors we feature and those opportunities.

Here are some examples of how you can use our site for new opportunities:

Sign up as a member (free or paid) to get into our Doctor Databank.

Let us know your specialty. When we get an opportunity thrown our way, we’ll email you.

Sign up for conference participation interest. When we throw ours – or if anyone else is looking – we’ll contact you.

Our interactive spaces currently exist on Facebook.

Members only here (for paying, network members)

Doctors only here (open to all doctors in our Doctor Networking Club setting)

General audience here (open to anyone interested in our work and engaging in discussions about health)

There are several ways to ask us questions.


(PREFERRED) Ask inside our FB group. Find the groups listed above, with links. This way, everyone sees the answer!

Join one of our Open Q&A sessions. They take place regularly at a scheduled time and you can join the Zoom session and learn.

Use our contact form and let us know about your query.

Our venture is filled with motivated, supportive, and entrepreneurially-minded doctors, all ready to meet others like them, collaborate, and grow together. We meet monthly to network in the virtual space. (Must be a doctor. Apply for a free profile to get verified.)

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03 Courses

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