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Doctor Side Ventures

We’re bringing together today’s healthcare online voices & building a space where all can network and grow “on the side”.

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Welcome to the Future

The online world allows doctors everywhere to network, something we’ve never really done before. We needed an online space that doctors used, and that would be fair to all. So we created one.

Step 1.

Become a member of SoMeDocs (optional – but gets you in quicker and gets you perks!).

Step 2.

Click into the Facebook group entrance, at facebook.com/groups/sideventures.

Step 3.

Request to join.

If you’re a member, simply drop your profile link.

Step 4.

Once you’re in, introduce yourself and peruse posts to find ones that pertain to your interests & needs.

How the Group Works

Our rules are simple.

We let in anyone who is a doctor – currently open to medical doctors, dentists, and podiatrists. Being a member, at any level, with a profile in our directory, allows for faster approval. 

We encourage networking.

Facebook, however, is unique, and unlike real-life networking, so there must be order and structure.

You’re welcome to ask questions in the group. In fact, we’ll feature regular anonymous posts, which will both come from our audience members (submit yours here) and our behind the scenes team. Our commitment is to facilitate conversations and ensure everyone gets a chance to be heard.

No links will be permitted in the body of the posts, except for links that lead back to the SoMeDocs site, right here. This is in order to keep SPAM and marketing in check. However, links will permitted and are, in fact encouraged, in the comment section of any post.

We will, at our discretion, identify interesting side ventures and docs with great stories, and reach out for features.

Join us.


Learn directly from doctors/colleagues (and soon, from experts who help doctors!). Many of our lectures are free to access, in our ON-DEMAND section. Check it out here.

Andrea Rustad, MD

Andrea Rustad, MD

I am a dermatology resident and also a fitness instructor, dancer, and recipe creator!

Olga Calof, MD

Olga Calof, MD

My philosophy of care is to personally connect with patients, so we can work together to understand their disease, how it should be treated, and how to modify lifestyle choices to live the best life possible.

Judith Hong, MD

Judith Hong, MD

A board-certified dermatologist who loves and teaches mindful art classes, dance, and Reiki.

Meet Others!

You can join SoMeDocs for free, if you are a doctor (currently open to physicians, dentists, and podiatrists who can show proof). You can also become a NETWORK member to get additional perks, such as being part of an incubator, and learning growing with others in the group. Below are just a few of our recently added profiles. You can check them all here, in our Doctor Directory,.

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