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Doctor Networking Club
December (12/05-12/09)

We’re bringing together today’s leading healthcare online voices, the movers & shakers, & highlighting the innovations that they create.

Tea Nguyen, DPM
Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS, FRCSI

Session Topics

We’re featuring 5 content-filled days of pure entrepreneurial goodness, delivered straight to your home couch. There’s no need to fly anywhere to soak up these goodies. Just grab a healthy snack & tune in. It all culminates in a virtual networking session, on Nov 6, at 7:30 PM EST.

Dec 5: Monday

TOPIC: Privately Practicing

Examples: Share your private practice secrets & how you make it work. Teach others so we can all privatize.

(use #privatepractice)

Dec 6: Tuesday

TOPIC: Podcast

Examples: Share your podcast. Tell us a podcast you’ve been on. Which one do you listen to? Any podcasting secrets you want to share?

(use #podcast)

Dec 7: Wednesday

TOPIC: Twitter

Examples: Tell us how you use twitter and what tactic you have for growing there. What is an account you love and why?

(use #twitter)

Dec 8: Thursday

TOPIC: Writing

Examples: Share your book, or publishing experience. Are you looking to get into writing? What has resonated?

(use #writing)

Dec 9: Friday

TOPIC: Advocacy

Examples: Have you written about advocacy topics? Lead a podcast that advocates for a certain cause? Need help supporting your cause?

(use #advocacy)

How the Group Works

Our group functions like a mini-conference, taking place at the start of each month (Mon-Fri), with a virtual networking session happening that Sunday.

Each of the 5 days, we focus conversation on just one topic, decided upon in advance.

Members of the group are permitted to post about the topic for that day, with topics listed here, on our site, and on the header of the group.

Use the day’s hashtag in your post, to help categorize posts for when members search for that topic in the future.

You’re permitted to submit posts ahead of a day’s topic, using the right hashtag. We will approve the post on the day of that topic.

All links are welcome in the comment section. We welcome networking and growth.

Questions are always welcome, regardless of the topic of the day. Use hashtag: #question.

We encourage open dialogue and supportive banter, but will not permit bullying. 

Live Lectures

Learn directly from doctors/colleagues. We feature lectures, delivered by doctors, that are free while live. Once delivered, the lecture recordings can then be accessed in our ON-DEMAND section, &/or used in a doctor’s speaker portfolio, to publicly showcase a doctor’s talent & abilities to any event organizer looking (like a catalogue). They can also be used to generate warm leads for the speaker, as any interested emails get shared with the speaker. We co-promote these talks, so it’s a win-win; a great opportunity for both sides: the audience for learning, and the doctor for potential opportunities. See all lectures & events Coming Up Live here.


12/11: Twitter 101

What is Twitter? How does it work? What do the words tweet, tag, retweet, hashtag mean? How does one engage?

Meet Others!

You can join SoMeDocs for free, if you are a doctor (currently open to physicians, dentists, and podiatrists who can show proof). You can also become a NETWORK member to get additional perks, such as being part of an incubator, and learning growing with others in the group. Below are just a few of our recently added profiles. You can check them all here, in our Doctor Databank,.

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Gail Miller, MD

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Colin Zhu, DO, DipABLM

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Ndidiamaka Obadan MD MS FASN

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