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Your digital space is likely still sitting there, just waiting for an unraveling.

I know how tough it can be. It took me years to organize my own.

I’m still doing it, in fact. Why, I have over 500 unpublished posts! But once you dedicate time to it, and add some imaginative flavor into the mix, you’ll simply be amazed at the wonders that unravel in front of you.

And the best part is that they’re yours.


I imagine the digital space as open land, on which we’ve all, as a society, just landed. Literally, I picture Matt Damon, a la ‘The Martian’ style, moving through this space in slow-mo. (Incidentally, the flick earned 91% on Rotten Tomatoes! I give the book an even higher rating.)

The best part, though, is that each of us has landed on our own space, filled with expansive opportunities for growth; in the exact direction we want to take. 


Tips are fab. So keep your eyes and ears open, and take in what others do. Because we learn from others.

Take those tips in, package them up, & use the ones that work in your favor. But don’t forget to give your digital space its own spin. Your readers will pick up on that flavor you add to the mix, and often, connect better.


Yes, it can be painful. But we have to look inside sometimes.


Digital building and social growth results from online interactions we may not be used to, as human beings. The digital revolution has, after all, only just begun.


So it’s uber important to look within us & pick up on our subtle needs: a change in the direction of our messaging, a shift to a different platform space, or an actual physical break from it all, away from the distractions that keep us productively growing.


There’s not only a ton of advice already out there, on the topic of expansion in the digital space (this one included!), there’s also judgement. It’s what I like to call the ‘bark’.

Don’t be afraid of it. It’s all bark and no bite.


As beautiful as this newly growing space is, and as refreshingly connected as we feel, let’s not allow ourselves to get sucked in to the virtual black hole.

So much of it is addicting. It was built to be! Pick up a copy of Nir Eyal’s national best-selling book, Indistractable, or his prequel Hooked, for a glimpse behind the scenes, as he helped corporate ventures make their apps addictive. Or just check out a snippet of him in action, lecturing in a series I curated for SoMeDocs.

It’s up to us to wisely make decisions that protect our health. And that includes meaningful, real-life connections with the actual world playing out around us. There’s 3-dimensional people out there who love us, and who need us to be present, too.


Nothing will ever replace the amazing beauty of real-life travel. But man, does the digital space come close.

Because surfing the web is essentially, if you think about, a form of travel. You get to visit different websites, and get taken through funny, surprising, eye-opening, and even educational, tours of the space. As much as it scares many of us to think about it this way, we are building a whole new world.

So take the opportunity and travel extensively. You won’t need to worry about the airfare.


I’m not suggesting we passionately embrace; but that we learn to respect one another in the busy highway that’s now in the digital space. You’ll have many entities come and go, with each human bringing with them a different personality and viewpoints.

So just remember to be nice.

dana corriel, md writes regularly on drcorriel.com
and is the creator of somedocs

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