Diana Girnita MD, PhD, FACR

Rheumatologist, Direct Care Specialist, Speaker


I am the CEO & Founder of Rheumatologist OnCall , a telemedicine company that provides specialized services to patients in multiple US states. Rheumatologist OnCall breaks the geographical areas and broadens the access to a top expert rheumatologist for patients with autoimmune diseases and arthritis. My company offers quick access to top expert specialist care at affordable and transparent pricing to patients in eight US states.

I am also one of the first direct specialists in the US. I am the Co-founder of the Direct Speciality Care Alliance (dscalliance.org) an organization that promotes direct care as a specialist, to reduce costs and promote price transparency in healthcare.

Educational background: US board certified in rheumatology and internal medicine, licensed to practice in 9 US states. I completed a PhD in immunology, a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, immunology fellowship at University of Pittsburgh and rheumatology fellowship at University of Cincinnati. I graduated from the Nutrition Science course from Stanford University and a Mindfulness course from The University of Massachusetts. I continue my  academic appointment as volunteer assistant professor at University of Cincinnati Medical Center where I am involved in research and teaching services.

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Empowering physicians specialists to choose direct care!
Diana Girnita MD, PhD, FACR
Diana Girnita MD, PhD, FACR
Rheumatologist, Direct Care Specialist, Speaker

Empowering physicians specialists to choose direct care!

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