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Jennifer Roelands, MD

Jennifer Roelands, MD

“I believe every woman deserves a doctor that takes the whole-body approach to medicine so that they can make the choice that works for their body and soul.”

Patty Fahy, MD

Patty Fahy, MD

“Physician leadership is essential to remedy the healthcare crisis.”

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Article by Dr. Desmond Bell: Restless or Bored?

Restless or Bored?

Time remains our most precious commodity and what we do with it is as unique as we are. 

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SoMeDocs is proud to announce the creation of our exclusive  series, now in its second season, featuring legendary literature icon Dr. Samuel Shem, of “The House of God”. He continues conversations on how to put the HUMAN back into medicine. Catch the episodes, starting Dec 1, 2021, & don’t forget to weigh in with your own thoughts here.

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Dana Corriel, headshot

Dana Corriel, MD

I bring enthusiasm & passion to speaking events that focus around innovation, creativity, digital building, and career impact using the online tools of today.

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Renew Your Life & Your Career

Too many women physicians are frustrated, isolated and depleted. This conference will help you rest, restore and recharge in a vibrant and supportive community.

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A person who wants to understand the difference between investing and merely following the crowd.

For all physicians interested in collaborating about all things Medical Expert, Forensic, IMEs. No experience necessary. US/Canadian-based Physicians only.


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