Debra E Blaine, MD

Author, Coach, Animal Lover


I was born and bred in New York, graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in 1987, and then returned to New York, where I have practiced Family and Urgent Care Medicine for over 30 years. In the last three years, my dissatisfaction with the our new “healthcare industry” has led me to reinvent myself. I have published two medical thrillers and am nearly done with a third, and I became certified as a coach with FIA International. I still work part time in a clinical setting (but not for long).

My passion is writing fiction with a message. Whether to expose our increasing challenges of practicing good medical care or in thinking out issues for ourselves to avoid the pitfalls of extremism, my fictions are hopefully a gentler way to become aware of societal problems from within the setting of suspense, intrigue, and general entertainment.

In coaching, I work mostly with physicians and health care providers who are looking for ways to infuse their lives with the enthusiasm and meaning they had when first they embarked on their careers. It’s not as hard as it seems, when we look inside and discover which limiting beliefs are holding us back. Many of us have a little voice in our heads saying you can’t have that. But you can. We all can. We just need to shift a little bit our image of ourselves as we relate to the world.

I do public speaking on the evils of the current business model which is governing the field of medicine, and also on how our minds are manipulated by the breakdown of integrity found on nearly all levels of social and traditional media which purport to give us the “news.”

I love animals and nature, and apparently, I rescue cats.

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"We will all die one day; it's how we live that matters."
Debra E Blaine, MD
Debra E Blaine, MD
Author, Coach, Animal Lover

"We will all die one day; it's how we live that matters."

Planet Earth is reclaiming herself and the US government has become a cruelty-obsessed dictatorship; what options are left for those struggling to survive, and can they learn to be more noble? Or is humanity doomed to make the same mistakes until it becomes extinct?

A genius architect must delve into the deep recesses his own mind to learn how to dodge the dangerous mental domination emanating from both arms of government, before he runs out of time...

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