David J Norris, MD, MBA



I’m a practicing anesthesiologist who is dedicated to improving the business intelligence of all healthcare providers. When I’m non-clinical, I serve as a consultant and educator, helping practices survive and thrive. I completed medical school at the University of Kansas School of Medicine and an anesthesiology residency and fellowship in cardiovascular anesthesia at Vanderbilt University. 

Always interested in the business side of health care and medical practices, I have spent years studying those fields. I earned an MBA after I realized I was not adequately prepared to operate a business because the medical education system had let me down. Today, I help other physicians gain the business intelligence they need to have their desired practice via my podcast, my books, speaking, and consulting.

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Helping physicians develop the practice they desire.
David Norris, MD, MBA
David J Norris, MD, MBA

Helping physicians develop the practice they desire.

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