Corinne Rao, MD

Internal medicine physician. Scientist, entrepreneur and Ballroom Dancer


I am an Internal Medicine physician and I love medicine and science. I’ve always been fascinated with science.  My path in life led me to St Louis, MO, from a small town in India where I grew up. I could not imagine being in any other field but Internal Medicine because I believe that it is here that I am truly able to use my long years of training and education. I’ve been passionate about IM, and in the past 20 years, I have worked the entire breadth of this specialty- all the way from being a primary care physician to being a Hospitalist in the past 8 years. I have been grateful and happy to be able to do this. However, over the last few years, I saw more of my physician colleagues expressing fear and lack of knowledge about everything from their compensation and what they are worth, to being employed and owned by large heath systems and CMGs. It is unbelievable that this relationship, which should be about patients and physicians, is taken over by an employed model, where the physician has no say in what is the best and safest course for the patient. I watched brave colleagues starting on a path to DPC , where the middleman or insurer is eliminated, and the care model is between the patient and the physician. This is on the outpatient side and in thinking about what would be the closest in the Hospitalist physician side, it was so clear to me that we must disrupt the middleman, aka the staffing firms that control the way medicine is practiced and tell physicians how to practice medicine, while also paying them as less as possible. These staffing companies also charge the hospitals a very high overhead and have non competes and buy-outs that are unbelievable. Basically, there are two or three middlemen making money off every hour that physicians work . I believed there is another way, and I launched my start up- LEGACY PHYSICIANS LLC, to source these positions and find the best possible terms for physicians. I invested my own time and money because I believe so strongly in this path. I am motivated by empowering physicians to let go of the scarcity mindset and feeling trapped in  their jobs. I want to help connect physicians with great opportunities  and stop allowing fear to take control. It held me back for many years, and I don’t want this to be your story. It’s up to us to negotiate our terms, and I’m here to help you to do that. You have a choice not to be a ‘cog in the wheel’ and practice medicine on your terms and your schedule.

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There is no expiration date on facing your fear and starting your next chapter.
Corinne Rao, MD
Corinne Rao, MD
Internal medicine physician. Scientist, entrepreneur and Ballroom Dancer

There is no expiration date on facing your fear and starting your next chapter.

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