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Disrupting The Expert Model: Using Experience As A Way To Connect With Others

Lecture was delivered by Maureen Hunter, as a part of our “Even Doctors Need ife Lessons” Series

The Panel Discussion

Note: this discussion panel was streamed live, into our Youtube channel and the doctors-only Facebook group. See host & panelist bios below.


Dr. Amelia L. Bueche


Dr. Amelia L. Bueche is a specialist in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, nurturing health and empowering patients to realize their amazing inherent capacity. Dr. Bueche founded This Osteopathic Life to expand the understanding and application of osteopathic philosophy beyond the clinical setting, ultimately serving as guiding principles for a cultural revolution grounded in love and humanity.  Dr Bueche is a leader of coaches and a coach of leaders, serving as Chair of Coaching for AMWA IGNITE and is the founder of Coaching For Institutions – Bringing Health to Medicine. She specializes in design and facilitation of coaching programs for physicians at all stages of education, training and practice, helping them unleash their inner potential to develop immunity to burnout and find success in any situation.


This Episode's

Dr. Nora Vasquez


Dr. Nora Vasquez is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician with over 12 years of experience working at a major University clinic and outpatient community health care center. She understands how overwhelming it feels to meet the demands of clinical medicine while also trying to be the best partner/parent for your loved ones at home. Over time, the stress and daily grind takes a toll leaving many physicians disillusioned and exhausted. As a Physician Life Coach with Faith based values, she helps physicians create a resilient mindset to better manage the stress of practicing medicine while also balancing family life. Her mission is to “Heal the Healers” and help her clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Coaching empowers physicians to create the clarity, peace and blueprint to thrive. As a coach, Dr. Vasquez works with physicians every step of the way to achieve a healthier mindset, accomplish their goals and feel joy again!

Dr. Ursula Lang


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Dr. Colin Zhu


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Dr. Pam Dyne (she/her)


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