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We're planning conferences!

Our 1st is March 3-5, 2023: Entrepreneurship and Networking for Doctors. Check it out here.

Our conferences will be virtual, held inside dynamic “conference grounds”. They last an impactful few days (the 1st is March 3-5, 2023), and will each typically culminate in a LIVE networking event. Apply to speak.

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How Our Conferences Work

Our conferences are live and held virtually, in order to ensure that information exchange happens seamlessly, with as little barriers as possible for both sides – the speakers & the audience.

The “conference grounds” exist inside a pop-up Facebook group, which means that the group exists only for the duration of the conference, and is closed down once the conference ends.

No, but also yes.

In order to keep costs low, and make information-exchange happen quickly, we boast free admission to our live events. This doesn’t affect the quality of speakers because there’s still an ROI in it for them (see below).

This setup provides great exposure for speakers, as people are more likely to attend (who doesn’t want a quality conference for free?) and allows speakers to collect warm leads generated (emails they can follow up with once it’s all over).

There are, however, 2 ways speakers make money. You can read about it in the appropriate section, below.

There are two ways speakers make money.

1. VIP tickets are available for any attendees who wish to access lecture footage for up to a month after the live festivities end. Additionally, these ticket-holders will receive CME credit for the talks.

Speakers receive a majority percentage on each ticket they’re responsible for selling, as well as a cut of each ticket sold by someone else.

To be exact, it’s a 60-20-20 split, with 60% going to speaker who sold the ticket, 20% going to SoMeDocs, and 20% split between the other speakers.

2. Passive income generation in perpetuity. Here’s how: each live lecture is packaged up, once it’s over, into a beautiful landing page, where it can be accessed individual, at a cost determined by the speaker. Our audience can access the lectures they want, a la carte, and pay separately for each one. The speaker makes a majority cut of that cost, and we keep a percentage for running this whole thing, hosting the lectures, designing it all, managing their ongoing existence, etc. The revenue share model is 40-60, with speaker keeping 60% of the profits.

Here’s the deal, folks. We tried.

But in-person conferences inevitably cost a lot to put on. A LOT. And this means the cost then trickles down to you, reflected in rising ticket cost.

Here are the different variables we hope to disrupt:

In-person conferences typically charge us a ton of money to attend (and learn).

Ours is free.

In-person conferences typically require us to take time off of work.

Ours don’t.

In-person conferences typically require us to be away from home.

Ours don’t.

In-person conferences typically require us to pay for flights and hotel.

Ours don’t.

In-person conferences typically offer lectures that are not of interest and we’re stuck being there and having to listen.

Ours don’t. You can choose what to participate in, and even go back and listen after it’s over (while the conference is still live)

Don’t get us wrong: we still need in-person conferences! We just believe in innovating, changing things up, and finding new ways to information-exchange and network.

Connecting has never been easier.

Our disruption:

We offer our live conferences for free

We value networking, almost as much, if not equally, to how much we value lectures

We make it easy to soak up content

We give options to our attendees and make things fun: they can sit at home in their pajamas and learn, or they can get dressed up and join in our networking – in-person or virtual

We’ve devised a way to pay our speakers indirectly, in order to keep costs down for everyone all around, and still help everyone in the process

It’s easy-peasy:

Just fill out a ‘lecture pitch’ form. You can find it here.

No matter what your lecture is about, we will likely find it a fit.

Why? Because we’re planning out several conferences, in different niches. And because we continue hosting stand-alone lectures, too (which help you collect warm leads and create passive income).

So no matter what, we’re likely to find it a place.

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