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Community: The Heart-Centred Medical Entrepreneurs and Leaders

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High level heart-centred medical entrepreneurs and leaders, who have a big mission (and sometimes still feel a little imposter syndrome, on the way!).

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Organizer: Dr Olivia Ong FFPMANZCA, FAFRM (RACP)

I’ve been curating a community of fascinating people – heart-centred medical entrepreneurs and leaders who want to build profitable businesses, whether that is a personal brand, private practice, coaching or product based business. For years, I’ve been building a community of amazing medical entrepreneurs & leaders – a talent hot bed. You see, being a leader can be lonely – but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine being surrounded by extraordinary top performers… We support each other, we challenge each other, and we share our wisdom and talents with each other. The Heart-Centred Medical Entrepreneurs and Leaders is a community where you can never get too big (you’ll be supported to fly to the highest levels of success). And it’s a community where you can never get too messy (it’s a safe place to experiment and to make mistakes, surrounded by high level peers)…

“It's a clever & needed resource because it allows so many of us to equally help each other grow”

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