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Community: Networking for Doctors, by SoMeDocs

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This community is for doctors who want to explore what others are doing and effectively network with others, in a structured setting.

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More about this community:

Organizer: Dana Corriel, MD

We’re a community of doctors, aimed at successful networking.

Our FB group facilitates organized interactions. Here’s how it works:

  • Doctors are vetted to be doctors (having earned a medical degree) by showing their SoMeDocs profiles (as of Dec 2022)
  • We regularly share posts asking our doctors to share, so that more collaborations take place
  • We welcome anyone’s comments or questions, in order to facilitate discussions
  • We welcome any work featured on the SoMeDocs website to be shared in its own post, by authors of those posts, or others who love them
  • Unlike other groups in existence on FB, we will nnot erase anyone’s links from comment sections. It is a free-market space where all are welcome to openly network (within the allotted structure)
“It's a clever & needed resource because it allows so many of us to equally help each other grow”

I acknowledge that this site is not to be used for medical advice.

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