Genre: Personal Development/Leadership

Dr. Randy Cook, MD Coaches, LLC

Coaching can provide a heightened sense of perspective focusing on skillset development.
Randy Cook, MD
Randy Cook, MD

Dr. Randy Cook, MD Coaches, LLC

Genre: Personal Development/Leadership

Coaching can provide a heightened sense of perspective focusing on skillset development.

What I Do as a Consultant or Coach

As an executive physician coach, I do a number of things to best serve our clients. First, I make sure to listen carefully to my clients’ needs and actively listen before offering expertise, feedback, or my own perspective. Oftentimes, the client finds his or her way to a solution simply by talking out what is on their heart and mind to someone who is actively listening. Now, we can all listen, correct? What makes a physician coach unique?

My years of experience in the field have exposed me to the challenges and triumphs we all face in modern medicine. The many years of clinical, managerial, and leadership experience have provided me with invaluable insight into the practice of medicine and medical practice management. I am uniquely situated to coach today’s physician from a well-informed position of having successfully balanced the business of medicine with the priesthood of medicine.

Above all, I’ve been inspired by my colleagues, provoked by the state of healthcare today, and my heart softens for all the new physicians making their way to their posts at the very early stages of their careers. While some may consider me a sage, I’m just another doctor hoping to shape the future of medicine by supporting those who need it most.

Throughout the coaching relationship, I will continue to encourage my client to say where they want to go but will never suggest a particular direction.  I will encourage my client to stay near a familiar path but to cautiously explore interesting new territory.  Above all, I will encourage the client to believe in themselves.  Sometimes the expectation changes, but the ability to overcome obstacles and adversity is always within us.  My job is to remind you that we are in control and we hold the power to determine our own outcomes.

Topics I Specialize in

  • Physician burnout
  • Leadership
  • Career transition
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Career trajectory
  • Stress and anxiety

My Ideal Client

Any physician or practitioner who is seeking objective support, advise, and insight throughout any stage of their career.

What Client Success Looks Like to Me:

Client success looks like an "aha" moment, be it large or small. When a client makes a discovery, something clicks in their mind, and I know they are well on their way.
Randy Cook, MD
Dr. Randy Cook
Dr. Randy Cook

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