Genre: Career

Coach: Maryna Mammoliti

Professional Leadership, emotional intelligence and boundaries coaching to help you set your boundaries, design the career and life you deserve!
Maryna Mammoliti, MD, FRCPC
Maryna Mammoliti, MD, FRCPC

Coach: Maryna Mammoliti

Genre: Career

Professional Leadership, emotional intelligence and boundaries coaching to help you set your boundaries, design the career and life you deserve!

What I Do As A Coach

Are you feeling stuck in your career or leadership progression? Wondering about emotional intelligence and what that may do for you? Feeling trapped in medicine or your current working situation? Wondering if the current profession is for you or if you are ready to pivot? Feeling like you are missing out on living a life worth living versus the current daily grind of your job? Feeling like your work and life have melted into one with no boundaries? Struggling with boundaries and assertiveness? Are you ready to take charge of your career and life and create boundaries that work for you? How good are you with protecting your needs, abilities and limits to pursue your potential and wants?

Through my coaching practice, I collaborate with busy professionals like you to help clarify your career and professional vision, understand the barriers you face and  your needs and move towards designing a life you need and want with emphasis on boundaries and emotional intelligence development.  Boundaries help define who we are, what our needs, abilities and limits are and put you in the driver’s seat of your life choices and pursuits. Boundaries help us clarify roles, responsibilities and your investments in relationships, work and other commitments you take on everyday. Physicians and busy professionals like you often have been trained and conditioned to forget the importance of boundaries and conform to everyone else’s needs and visions – when will you take back choosing the destination of your current life stage or the next career move?

Working with me- you will be focusing on the GROWTH AND TRANSITION YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

I am a Canadian trained physician and licensed psychiatrist who for years has been working on promoting physician health with a focused practice on physicians, healthcare providers and other high-stress professionals such as lawyers, teachers, pharmacists, executives and has been providing highly sought after professional coaching to physicians and other professionals. Aside from my physician training, I pursued further formal coaching training – including courses at The Life Coaching Institute, certification in EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-360 (Emotional Intelligence) and at the College of Executive Coaching where I was certified as a Professional Coach. I have been involved in various educational and professional roles that provide me with a unique skillset, including my 2 year term as the  Chair of the Section of Psychiatry leading Ontario psychiatrists through COVID and  practice changes.

Client success means:

  • Clarity in your goals and commitments on a daily basis
  • Creating boundaries and maintaining them
  • Feeling in charge of your life with goals set based on your needs and wants

Specialized In:

  • Boundaries: development of boundaries to define and protect your needs, wants, abilities and limits
  • LIMIT technique to learn how to set boundaries
  • Leadership coaching: defining your leadership needs and struggles as well as goals and clarity in career vision
  • Emotional Intelligence coaching in various settings

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is a client who is committed to building clarity, looking for change and eager for growth in a collaborative professional relationship.

What Client Success Looks Like:

Clarity, Boundaries, Own Vision
Maryna Mammoliti, MD, FRCPC
Coach: Maryna Mammoliti
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