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Coach: Ashley Saucier, Pediatric Emergency Mom

Providing health and welfare coaching
Ashley Saucier, MD, MHA, FACEP, FAAP
Ashley Saucier, MD, MHA, FACEP, FAAP

Coach: Ashley Saucier, Pediatric Emergency Mom

Genre: Families | Parents | Children, Mental Health, Mindset | Mindfulness, Mix of Topics | Other, Wellness | Overall Health, Self-Help | Personal Development

Providing health and welfare coaching

What I Do As A Coach

I started Pediatric Emergency Mom in 2019 as a way to help families navigate the medical complexities of raising children.

As physicians, we don’t do a great job with anticipatory guidance on pediatric illness, injury, or mental health. I created Pediatric Emergency Mom to address this need and help families become proactive, rather than reactive. These services come in several forms, including private family coaching, personalized courses on specific topics, and guidance parenting neurodiverse children. I have helped families to create healthy eating plans, to make their way through new diagnoses, to have difficult conversations with their children, and to even make their way through the teenage years.

As the mother of 2 boys, along with being a pediatric emergency physician, I bring a unique personal and professional approach to coaching. As the mother of an ADHD child, I have personally experienced the trials of determining the best options for my son. A neurodiverse diagnosis does not come with a handbook for families. This is where I step in to help. I have created specialized learning plans as well as brain training and mindfulness exercises for children.

When it comes to actually having to take a child to the emergency department, the vast majority of pediatric visits happen in rural areas. Overwhelming data exists showing that these departments are ill-equipped in treating children. The quality of pediatric care should not be determined by a zip code, yet we see pediatric centers (and thus, pediatric emergency departments) more often in urban areas. While I cannot change what is happening in rural emergency departments, I can educate families on the health of their children and prepare them for illness or injuries that may occur. I can educate them on their rights when it comes to the healthcare setting, and help them to become better advocates for their children in emergency situations.

Topics I Specialize In

  • pediatric illnesses
  • pediatric mental health
  • pediatric chronic medical conditions
  • pediatric injuries
  • neurodiversity
  • healthcare inequities
  • navigating healthcare
  • working with schools to better aid neurodiverse children as well as children with chronic medical conditions

My Ideal Client

My ideal client- families with children. I love working with a variety of clients, whether it be education on teenage behaviors or developing a healthy eating plan for a younger child.

What Client Success Looks Like to Me:

Satisfied clients have received personalized training plans with the ability to evolve over time based on their needs. A happy and well-balanced child leads to happy families.
Ashley Saucier, MD, MHA, FACEP, FAAP
Coach: Ashley Saucier, Pediatric Emergency Mom

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