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Coach: Amruti Borad

Don’t hesitate. All you need is within you. Take the next best step.
Amruti Borad, D.O.
Amruti Borad, D.O.

Coach: Amruti Borad

Genre: Mix of Topics | Other

Don’t hesitate. All you need is within you. Take the next best step.

What I Do As A Coach

I am an Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician. I interviewed for medical school when I was 17 years old and with an early career start, I had to overcome multiple, mostly mindset barriers throughout my medical education. I had the opportunity to experience life in  Academic medicine  for several years, during which my greatest joy was teaching medical students to believe in their clinical skills, contemplate their specialty choices and the population they want to serve, and  accept the uncertainty of the healthcare profession. I was previously a Physician Leader (Clinic Medical Director, Department Wellness Director, and Department COVID-19 Lead Physician). I experienced burnout twice. During this time, I decided to invest in myself and collaborate with a Physician Coach, and it changed my life. I was able to develop the courage to acknowledge my burnout and openly discuss this with my supervisors. I advocated for myself to have a part time schedule. I chose myself and walked away from a job that no longer aligned with my values. I found a way to practice medicine more sustainably. I openly shared my experiences which had the ripple effect of allowing other burgeoning leaders to ask for more, ask for what they deserve.

My breadth of experiences allows me to confidently coach any medical professional, and my focus is the two ends of a continuum: those at the beginning of their journey (medical students) and those entrenched in Physicianhood (Attending Physicians).

I collaborate with my clients to bring clarity: whether that be preventing burnout, traversing burnout, exploring how you can make your current environment work in your favor,  or navigating any kind of transition (deciding whether to leave medicine, starting a new leadership role,  or as a medical student, going from didactic to clinical years, choosing a specialty, applying to and interviewing for residencies, for example).

You have the answers. Allow me to help you change the trajectory of your life by unlocking that wisdom within yourself.

Topics I Specialize In

  • Burnout Prevention
  • Burnout Treatment
  • Sustainable ways to practice Clinical Medicine
  • Assistance with decisions regarding career trajectory
  • Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Role
  • Navigate the different transitions in medical school (1st year, didactic to clinical years, choosing a specialty, applying/interviewing for residency)
  • Developing the skills to be an effective leader while showing self compassion

My Ideal Client

My ideal client is any Attending Physician or Medical Student who needs clarity and is motivated to make progress.

What Client Success Looks Like to Me:

A client's success is being able to consistently have thoughts that serve them. This will allow them to identify why they make the choices they do, develop the ability to identify their challenges, remain curious about solutions, and gain the skills necessary to be independent, have self agency, self-determination, and self-confidence. Through partnership, my clients will improve their quality of life, mental stability, professional success and personal satisfaction.
Amruti Borad, D.O.
Coach: Amruti Borad

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