Clinical Hypnosis and the Largest Organ of the Body [CONFERENCE]

Steven Gurgevich, PhD explains how clinical hypnosis application, or hypnotherapy, is the central therapeutic modality to access the mind/body connection, symptomatically and psychodynamically.

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Target Audience: Dermatologists interested in integrative medicine approaches (Clinical Hypnosis) to assist their patients.

Learning objectives:
1. Participants will describe two contrasting strategies of hypnotherapy.
2. Participants will name and describe the essential ingredients that empower therapeutic suggestion.
3. Participants will identify two sources of professional training in clinical hypnosis for physicians.

This presentation provides the necessary background information about clinical hypnosis and its application in medicine with clinical case examples regarding: Warts, urticaria, shingles, and conversion disorders expressing with dermatological symptoms. This talk also lists the best source of clinical hypnosis training for physicians and the types of training and certification processes. A list of citations for further information and published journal articles is included.


(This lecture is part of our Psychodermatology: New Frontiers For Treating Stress-Driven Skin Conditions)

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Clinical Hypnosis and the Largest Organ of the Body, Steven Gurgevich PhD

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