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As a physician who experienced burnout and found a way forward to thrive, I pay it forward through public speaking, podcasting about facing fear and facilitating workshops around resilience, entrepreneurship, burnout, and facing fear. Through these media, I encourage, coach, and motivate professional women to unleash their greatness and be fearless.

three topics of focus :


BURNOUT = BENT but not BROKEN: Finding Joy Again – A candid look at how burnout can take over like a clandestine thief in the night


JOB SATISFACTION = Happy Doctor, Happy Patient – Compassion fatigue plagues many in the business of serving others. Doctors are particularly vulnerable due to compartmentalizing the microtraumas that they experience during any given shift, OR day, or clinic day.


 FEAR = Facing FEAR fuels Success – The power of facing fear leads to a transformation that is unparalleled and reveals our true growth and strength.

What makes me stand out:

My experience as a burnout thriver resulted in a relentless drive to spread the word about it so that colleagues within and outside of medicine will be inspired, encouraged and supported. Burnout is not the fault of the individual, it is multifactorial, ubiquitous and insipid. My approach to addressing burnout, facing fear and compassion fatigue is candid and practical.

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Charmaine Gregory, MD FACEP

“I was in a horrible place of burnout and didn’t even realize it. You too can find a way forward. Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!”

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