Cecilia Cruz, MD, MPH, CPCC, ACC

Doctor, Coach, Mother


Dr. Cecilia Cruz is a 20 plus year Emergency Medicine veteran, who now owns and runs her own coaching business, MARPE, LLC, a Life-Balance and Mental Fitness coaching company for physicians. Understanding all the challenges that doctors face, MARPE’s aim is to provide its clients with the tools to overcome difficult situations with greater clarity, less stress, and a stronger sense of purpose. Dr. Cruz’s goal is to help doctors reignite their passion and experience higher satisfaction and fulfillment in their careers and personal lives. 

After being confronted by a challenging health situation, Dr. Cruz was driven to discover a new way of approaching her life that could provide her with more purpose and fulfillment. She realized that for most of her adult life she had been feeling like she was on a never-ending roller coaster ride of demands, obligations, and achievements that were propelled by thoughts of ,“I’ll be happy when…”, that never permitted her any true enjoyment of her life in the present. In her quest she found coaching which provided her with the possibility of taking part in her life in a much richer and satisfying way. In fact, coaching made such a tremendous impact in her life that she now seeks to advance coaching as a well accepted and valued resource for career satisfaction, personal growth, and wellbeing amongst doctors. She wants to provide doctors with the opportunities and the tools to learn a new framework for engaging with the challenges they face that leads to increased clarity, stronger connections, and less stress; thereby bringing about a greater sense of satisfaction and meaning. 

Dr. Cruz is a fully certified coach through the Co-Active Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation. She has undergone additional training in Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness, and she is a fellow of the Institute of Coaching. She is currently also a writer for the blog, Authentic Medicine, where she gives tips on how we can train our brains to find the gift in every moment. 

"Live each moment with joy and purpose."
Cecilia Cruz, MD
Cecilia Cruz, MD, MPH, CPCC, ACC
Doctor, Coach, Mother

"Live each moment with joy and purpose."

My Articles

Article by Cecilia Cruz: The Saboteurs in a Doctor's Mind- Part 2

The Saboteurs in a Doctor’s Mind- Part 2

Allowing our “controller saboteur” to overuse and apply to situations that instead demand listening, patience, and empathy can often place our relationships in a precarious place.

Cecilia Cruz, MD

The Saboteurs in the Doctor’s Mind

There are certain neural pathways that are commonly entrenched in the minds of physicians that lead to negative reactions, thoughts and emotions. Through the practice of Mental Fitness we can restructure our brain and strengthen the neural pathways that promote positive reactions, thoughts, and emotions.

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We’re back with Season 2 of our lecture series. This time, new physicians take on the virtual airwaves, to teach other physicians a skill they’ve leveraged, in a single, casual livestream.


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