Catherine H. Toomer M.D.

FM Healer, Wisdom Seeker, TEDx Speaker


Dr. Toomer is a Community Health and Family Medicine physician and founder/CEO of Health Wellness and Weight Loss Centers, LLC and creator of the Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️ program born from a life threatening health crisis twenty years ago when morbidly obese, an insulin dependent diabetic, and diagnosed with postpartum cardiomyopathy and given a 50% chance of living five years, but turned away from weight loss and endocrine centers for being too high risk, so she created her own comprehensive bio-psycho-social program. She lost  60 pounds in six months and she reversed her diabetes. Once able to return to medicine, she used her program to help others maximize their health and wellness through weight loss – whether that weight is in pounds, or whatever in life is weighing them down. She believes that providing culturally comprehensive well-care is not only important, but essential.

Dr. Toomer closed her office due to Covid and is now a virtual and international coach, counselor, and consultant. She recently gave her first of more TEDx talks – Imposter Syndrome By Any Other Name Is Bravery. She enjoys speaking, writing, guest appearing on podcasts, and sharing her rule breaking successes with anyone who wants to hear.

"Don't believe everything you think"
Catherine H. Toomer M.D.
FM Healer, Wisdom Seeker, TEDx Speaker

"Don't believe everything you think"

My Articles

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