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Practice Type
  • Telehealth (51)
  • Private Practice (50)
  • Direct Care Model (DPC and DSC) (30)
  • Concierge (26)
  • Hospital-Based (13)
Side Gig/Outside Exam Rooms Categories
  • Writer (30)
  • Lecture (29)
  • Speaker (25)
  • Coach (24)
  • Podcaster (23)
  • Course Creator (13)
  • Community Organizer (9)
On Social Media (which platforms)
  • LinkedIn (262)
  • Instagram (206)
  • Facebook (201)
  • Twitter (137)
  • YouTube (99)
  • Pinterest (14)
  • Health Contributor (7)
  • Mindset Contributor (7)
  • Healthcare Contributor (4)
Abha Sharma MD, IBCLC, PN 1

Abha Sharma MD, IBCLC, PN 1

I believe optimum health is achieved by caring for the mind, body, and soul – and this is how I approach guiding my patients and health coaching clients to best care for themselves.

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