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Leah Houston, MD

HPEC Friends

Physician seeking to control their professional credentials and data free of third party control .

Candice Williams, MD

Creative Physicians Community

This community is for physicians looking to reconnect with, or discover, their creativity and join a group of like minded artists, musicians and creatives of all types.

Take Medicine Back

Take Medicine Back

This community aims to engage allied health professionals, patient advocates, and other professions who believe in the mission that medicine can no-longer remain siloed.

Building Your Child's Self-Esteem: Don't Leave it to Chance!

Practicing Pediatricians

Pediatricians (MD,DO, or MBBS) who are looking for a professional environment to share, collaborate, support, and exchange ideas.

Doc to Doc Rentals

This community is for physicians who own rentals or who wish rent a vacation (or long term) home from a colleague.

Tarang Patel, MD: Doctor Money Matters

Doctor Money Matters

A person who wants to understand the difference between investing and merely following the crowd.

The Power of a Diagnosis

The Power of a Diagnosis

Susan J. Baumgaertel, MD writes that in a world of social media campaigns, having a diagnosis matters. Unfortunately, the impact of a lack of diagnosis reaches far and wide too.

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