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Asma Al-Zougbi, MD, MME

Asma Al-Zougbi, MD, MME

The management of many of the medical problems society faces lies in the preventing and treating obesity, from the personal to the national level.

Anjanette Tan, MD, FACE, ECNU

Anjanette Tan, MD, FACE, ECNU

Trust in the important work that you do as a physician. You make a difference in the world! Lead with compassion. Rest in that Grace.

Nerissa Kreher, MD: pharmaceutical industry MD coach

Nerissa Kreher, MD, MBA

“I help other physicians understand the career possibilities for physicians in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Grace - A Gift or a Journey?

Grace – A Gift or a Journey?

Robert Saul, MD writes that to accept the grace of God and others might be our fate, but to make it meaningful requires us to be on a journey to accept that grace and pass it on.

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