Family Medicine

fam·i·ly med·i·cine

branch designed to provide basic healthcare to all members of a family.

Family Medicine physicians
Ana Blake, MD

Ana Blake, MD

“Imagine yourself like a packet of butter; which would you rather be? Spread over a whole loaf of bread to make 12 crappy pieces of toast, or making your highest contribution spread over 2 really amazing pieces of toast?”

Simran Rattan, MD on the SoMeDocs Databank: "I personalize your approach and look at the root of the problem to help you achieve optimal Health and Wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit."

Simran Rattan, MD

“Connect to that deep place within that holds vibrancy and power to transform you, and open the door to a life full of freedom.”

Erkeda DeRouen, MD

“Sometimes you won’t figure out where you’re headed until you start the journey 🙂 That’s the fun part!” – Erkeda DeRouen, MD

Megan Babb, DO

Megan Babb, DO

“Writing is my therapy. If I am not mothering, wifing , doctoring, I can be found writing.”

Carmen Echols, MD

Carmen Echols, MD

“I believe in WHOListic health–physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. Dysfunction in one aspect of health can negatively impact one’s entire well-being.”

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