Emergency Medicine


e·mer·gen·cy med·i·cine

specialty concerned with the care of illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention.

Emergency Medicine physicians
Louis Profeta, MD

Louis M. Profeta M.D.

“See beauty in the everyday and know that even the greatest of tragedies often hide miracles.”

Heather Hammerstedt, MD

Heather Hammerstedt, MD

“Meaningful lifestyle change is not built on WillPower, it is built on Skillpower. Skills for real food, real mindset, and real results. Body and mind.”

Harry Karydes, DO on the SoMeDocs Databank: "I help bridge the gap. I teach peak performance strategies to help physicians grow in medicine."

Harry Karydes, DO

“I teach peak performance strategies to help physicians learn, grow and thrive in medicine.”

Irene Tien, MD, on SoMeDocs Databank: "I have been an academician, researcher, child abuse advocate, entrepreneur, blogger, full-time clinician and now administrator. I’ve recently found my voice and I intend to use it!"

Irene Tien, MD

(SoMeDocs Databank) Name & Credentials: Irene Tien, MD, Associate Chair   Specialty: Emergency Medicine   Location: Boston, MA   Topics I cover:   Patient education- I educate the public about health and health care so that they may be their

Charmaine Gregory, MD FACEP: SoMeDocs Databank

Charmaine Gregory, MD FACEP

“I was in a horrible place of burnout and didn’t even realize it. You too can find a way forward. Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!”

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