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Health experts are increasingly interested in becoming more business-savvy. We’re piling on the tips & tools.

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Part-Time Doctoring

Part-Time Doctoring

Aaron Morgenstein, MD suggests that, instead of entirely quitting clinical medicine, physicians consider becoming “part-time doctors.”

Why I Write

David Epstein MD discusses the reasons for why he writes, as reflection of filling a number of needs.

Article by Candice Williams: The Wake Up Call

The Wake Up Call

Candice Williams, MD, shares her story of a physician’s wake up call; becoming a “true self” after dedicating oneself solely to medical practice.

Podcast: Oh, the People You Will Meet

Oh, the People You Will Meet

Randy Cook MD shares that, while hosting Rx for Success podcast for two years, he’s met a lot of incredible people along the way.

Coaching Secrets: Terri Malcolm, MD

(A SoMeDocs Advice Project)   * Terri Malcolm, MD * What are you really good at? Helping physicians and faculty leaders to thrive as they lead. Have you had any formal training in this? Any course or preparatory recommendations? Yes. I am certified in the following: Advanced Executive Coaching, Certified

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Susan J. Baumgaertel, MD FACP

Navigating Your Health (with Dr. Susan Baumgaertel)

Dr. Baumgaertel draws upon her 30 years of experience as a physician in primary care internal medicine, and uses her personal story-telling style to communicate with you as if you are sitting right across from her. Pull up a chair and enjoy.

My DPC Story

Their DPC Stories

Physicians are increasingly looking to different practice models, as burnout rates continue to climb. This series explores the DPC model.

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