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The 10 Physician Crafters Project

Flower Paintings: Dr. Nora Hanna

Featured Physician Artist: Dr. Nora Hanna What I make: Alcohol ink flower paintings. High-quality Giclée prince of the flowers are available on my Facebook page,

Watercolor Paintings: Dr. Judith Hong

Featured Physician Artist: Dr. Judith Hong What I make: Watercolor paintings and prints of the paintings. Mainly of quails and other whimsical subjects. What inspired

Bag Divas: Dr. Marche Robinson

Bag Divas: Dr. Marche Robinson

Featured Physician Artist: Dr. Marche Robinson What I make: I make “Bag Divas”. What inspired me to make it: Bag Divas was created to help

Dr. Paulina Burac, featured physician artist: "Dominoes resin creations: I couldn’t find anything worth purchasing. So decided to make my own."

Resin Creations: Dr. Paulina Burac

Featured Physician Artist: Dr. Paulina Burac What I make: Dominoes resin creations. What inspired me to make it: I was looking for unique and creative

Music Heals

Music Heals

Candice Williams, MD, writes about her love of music, and how it is a healing force that we all need to use more often.

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