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Interactive Online Spaces for Doctors

Candice Williams, MD

Creative Physicians Community

Physicians looking to reconnect or discover their creativity and to join a group of like minded artists, musicians and creatives of all types.

Practicing Pediatricians

Pediatricians (MD,DO, or MBBS) who are looking for a professional environment to share, collaborate, support, and exchange ideas.

Doc to Doc Rentals

Physicians who own rentals or who wish rent a vacation (or long term) home from a colleague.

Tarang Patel, MD: Doctor Money Matters

Doctor Money Matters

A person who wants to understand the difference between investing and merely following the crowd.

medical expert witness

Physician Medical Expert Group

For all physicians interested in collaborating about all things Medical Expert, Forensic, IMEs. No experience necessary. US/Canadian-based Physicians only.

MARCo Community

The MARCo Community is for any medical trainee in or from the United States who has begun medical school up through finishing fellowship.

Music Heals

Music Heals

Candice Williams, MD, writes about her love of music, and how it is a healing force that we all need to use more often.

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