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Article: Real-life problem solving: Hacka-Health 2021 in ETH Zurich

Real-life problem solving: HackaHealth 2021 in Zurich

A team of physicians, engineers, and physiotherapists, attempted to devise and build a leg flexion device for a young man with paraplegia. This seemingly simple task proved to be a challenging, learning and rewarding experience.

Article: Can Doctors Really Unify?

Can Doctors Really Unify?

Will teaching it in medical school will suddenly change all the ingrained narcissism and cut throat gunners to being more “for the team?” Doubtful. Some things cannot be taught.

Dr. Basma Faris Course in SoMeDocs University

Why Culinary Medicine?

Basma Faris, MD, a physician & dietitian, expands on the concept that Nutrition Science is Medical Science and Culinary Medicine is the speciality.


I recently became aware of how often I minimize the impact we clinicians have on patients and their family members’ lives.

Cecilia Cruz, MD

The Saboteurs in the Doctor’s Mind

Cecilia Cruz, MD MPH write about certain neural pathways that are commonly entrenched in the minds of physicians that lead to negative reactions, thoughts and emotions.

Uncovering Culinary Secrets

13 culinary medicine articles, released weekly. Written by a certified internal medicine physician, board-certified in culinary medicine & obesity medicine, whose focus is on prevention and treatment of chronic disease.



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