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Article: Doctor, Please Just Don't (Promote Vitamins)

Doctor, Please Just Don’t (Promote Vitamins)

Kate McCann MB writes that is an amazing privilege to be a physician, & that the trust placed in a physician – our collective integrity as a profession – isn’t something that any of us should lightly consider selling the highest bidder.

Article: My Tips to Create Content Fast

My Tips to Create Content Fast

Preston Alexander believes that you have to have a voice online. If you do not, you cannot take control of your business, your career, your life, like you want to.

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Beth Gelman, MD

02/06: Toilet Training Basics

Beth Gelman, MD reviews the signs of toilet training readiness and the techniques used to teach your toddler, including common challenges.

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Susan J. Baumgaertel, MD FACP

Navigating Your Health (with Dr. Susan Baumgaertel)

Dr. Baumgaertel draws upon her 30 years of experience as a physician in primary care internal medicine, and uses her personal story-telling style to communicate with you as if you are sitting right across from her. Pull up a chair and enjoy.

Doctors on Walks Getting Food

Explore casual conversation between doctors walking, & then grabbing a bite, in this light knock-off of a Jerry Seinfeld favorite!

My DPC Story

Their DPC Stories

Physicians are increasingly looking to different practice models, as burnout rates continue to climb. This series explores the DPC model.

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