Featured Physician Artist: Dr. Natasha Cervantes




What I make:

Jewelry from designer buttons and charms.



What inspired me to make it:


I found that the extra buttons that came with Chanel clothing were really beautiful and could be repurposed into jewelry. I started with just earrings, but as more people began buying them, I got all kinds of suggestions to make other items like badge holders and mask chains.



Interesting fact about actually making it:


My 2 girls, ages 13 and 15, help make and ship the items, which is teaching them some great business experience early on in addition to being a creative outlet for all of us. Before doing this, I never realized there were so many different types of earring backs. I have 34 different types/sizes/colors of different earring posts.



What I do as my day job:


I’m a forensic psychiatrist.  One day a week I have a clinic at a jail, treating adults with severe mental illness. I am the fellowship director for our forensic psychiatry program and have a private practice exclusively for providing forensic consultation to attorneys and agencies.



Where you can purchase my gift:

We have sales about once a month. Our items are limited, and items sell out within a couple of hours- so we don’t have standing inventory!

Here is my website.



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