Building a Mastermind with Her Husband: Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez

Anesthesiologist Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez chose to partner up with her husband to create a mastermind for budding entrepreneurs. She joins to tell about the experience.

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Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez is an anesthesiologist who I first met online, several years back, hobnobbing in the entrepreneur space. 

She took on a project and started a mastermind, in an effort to help doctors from across the globe understand the importance of entrepreneurship, through a mastermind she built along with her husband, a project manager that helps run her private practice.

The pair have undergone a few rounds of “mastermind’ing”, and are now set to do it again. 

We asked Dr. Myrdalis if she wanted to be interviewed in a spotlight, so that other doctors can learn about what goes into the preparation of a mastermind, and more.

To join their cohort this August 2023, click here. Please note that SoMeDocs is an affiliate for this Mastermind experience.

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Dana Corriel, MD


You’re the creator of a mastermind for physicians. Why did you create it?

I had been burned out in medicine a couple of times and found the answer to heal myself through entrepreneurship.

During the Leverage and Growth Summit I learned how powerful a Mastermind can be and wanted to be part of one for physicians to learn more about entrepreneurship. Also wanted my husband to come with me. I couldn’t find one that met those requirements, so I created my own.

We now have a wonderful program that runs for six months. We meet virtually on a weekly basis with only ten members. Physicians have the option to bring their partner at no extra cost. They also earn CME’s for this personal and professional development program. I wanted to make it an easy entry for physicians to participate. It is important to me that physicians continue to be leaders in healthcare.

Entrepreneurship helps them find their flow which leads to happiness and their continued contributions in this field.



    Where did you gain the skills required to teach this type of mastermind? Tell us some of your accomplishments.

    We have owned different businesses, including interventional pain clinics which we sold successfully. We also had an entertainment business.

    My husband holds an MBA and is a professional Project Manager.

    We have further prepared ourselves by joining different business groups and masterminds, as well as the constant reading of business books.

    Right now, we have our Podcast called Design Your Physician Life and I am part owner in a new wellness Center called SahaVida Institute, in Sarasota, FL.

    We make sure we are always ahead bringing new challenges and information to every Mastermind. 


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    What goes into the preparation of a mastermind of this kind, for any physician looking to do similar work, in a different niche?

    We have developed pillars and a curriculum based on what our physicians were lacking.

    Getting to know your client needs is the first step.

    After identifying the needs of your clients, the next step is to curate content that addresses these needs. This involves extensive research and collaboration with experts in various fields. In our case, we brought in accomplished coaches to provide wisdom and guidance on a wide array of topics.

    The structure of the mastermind is also crucial. We found that a small group format works best, as it creates a safe and intimate environment for sharing ideas and experiences. It also allows for personalized attention and feedback.

    Inclusivity is another key aspect. We made a conscious decision to allow life partners to join our program at no additional cost, recognizing the significant role they play in the entrepreneurial journey. Preparing a mastermind also involves creating a supportive and accountable community. We have mechanisms in place to ensure that members stay on track with their goals and receive the support they need.

    Lastly, it’s important to continuously evaluate and refine the program based on feedback from participants. This ensures that the mastermind remains relevant and effective in meeting the evolving needs of its members. In essence, preparing a mastermind requires a deep understanding of your clients’ needs, a well-structured program, a network of experts, a supportive community, and a commitment to continuous improvement.



    Your program offers an option for students to bring their spouses in. Have you found that this makes a difference in student success? In what way(s)?


    We’ve found that having spouses involved in the MaxAllure Mastermind program significantly enhances the success of our students.

    Entrepreneurship is a journey that affects not only the individual but also their family. When spouses understand the process, they can provide better support, share the workload, and contribute their unique perspectives.

    This holistic approach helps develop a supportive environment for growth and success. We have received positive feedback from our alumni about this unique aspect of our program.




    What’s a success story or two that you can share, about students that have participated in this mastermind?

    We have had many success stories from our Mastermind program.

    For instance, one of our alumni, Dr. Diana Mercado (she’s a SoMeDocs NETWORK member, everyone!), mentioned that the group’s uniqueness allowed her to realize her vision because everyone supported each other, and each person’s blind spot was someone else’s zone of genius. She is an ADHD Life Coach.  In her case, she started with just an idea for a coaching business. Within 18 months she was already offered opportunities to make what she would normally financially make in a year in just 3-6 months.

    Another alumnus, Dr. Sadaf Lodhi (also a SoMeDocs NETWORK member!), started with us looking to define what she would do next. In her case, she now has the amazing podcast called The Muslim Sex Podcast. She went viral on TikTok and has been invited to multiple forums to speak on this topic and continues to be a physician and coach to her patients and clients.

    In our current group, we have a physician starting their fashion line, for example.

    We’ve dug into the different aspects of developing a product and have been working on accountability, so we see it through, as well as developing habits to make it a successful company.


    Building a Mastermind with Your Husband: Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez



    Have you learned any valuable lessons from the students, while teaching this mastermind?

    Every student brings a unique perspective and set of experiences that enrich our Mastermind. One key lesson we’ve learned is the importance of resilience.

    Many of our students face challenges along their medical career and entrepreneurial journey, but their determination to overcome these obstacles is truly inspiring.

    It’s a reminder that success is not just about having a great idea or strategy, but also about the ability to persevere. We are in charge of our destiny and cannot keep letting others be in control of our lives.


    "One key lesson we've learned is the importance of resilience."



    Are masterminds of the kind you offer a newer resource for physicians? If not, how is yours different?

    While masterminds are not new, our approach is unique because we focus specifically on physicians and their families if they choose to bring them on.

    We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that physicians face in contemporary medicine and in the entrepreneurial space.

    Our Mastermind is also different because we emphasize a holistic approach, considering not only business strategies but also personal growth and work-life balance.



    What do you do in your regular day job? Tell us about your work as a doctor.

    As a doctor, I specialize in functional medicine and pain management.

    I work mainly in our new wellness center, the SahaVida Institute. After many years of seeing patients come in their 40’s and 50’s taking antidepressants, sleeping pills, and some opioid for pain without even having had a hormonal evaluation, I decided to find out what could be done.

    As a patient whose symptoms were ignored, myself, I am connected to the experience of these patients.

    I knew we could do better, and I found in Functional Medicine a bridge between conventional and alternative medicine. Now, I help patients find the root cause of disease, reverse illness, and work on anti-aging. Our patients have amazing transformations.

    I also love and do regenerative medicine and, at the same time, continue to treat patients with pain conditions, using a combination of interventional procedures and lifestyle modifications. These are rewarding fields, as I get to help patients improve their quality of life and see them becoming contributors to their communities.

    I truly enjoy helping physicians, as well, and my entrepreneurial ventures have allowed me to impact the medical community in a different way, by empowering other physicians to explore their own entrepreneurial journeys.


    "I help patients find the root cause of disease, reverse illness, and work on anti-aging."


    What has been the most rewarding aspect of running the mastermind?

    For me, the most fulfilling part has been watching our members rediscover the joy in their careers.

    There’s nothing better than seeing them implement changes in their lives, launch successful businesses, and become happier versions of themselves. Their excitement and gratitude re-energizes me!



    Do you have any personal recommendations for resources you follow and believe in, like books or podcasts?

    I highly recommend the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. It provides valuable insights into basic financial knowledge they don’t teach in med school. Then, the list of books to become and remain a successful entrepreneur is endless, just like in our medical careers.

    As for podcasts, I recommend my own podcast, “Design Your Physician Life,” where I share insights and experiences from my own journey as a physician entrepreneur with specific tips the listener can employ from the very same day, they listen to it. We have incredible successful guests and are always looking to discuss contemporary topics.

    Right now, we have a series on artificial intelligence coming up and have our new YouTube channel called “maxAllure Mastermind” that will hold all of our “Design Your Physician Life” podcast, our videos of our weekly Facebook live sessions, and other videos to help physicians regain and remain in control of their lives.


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    We’ve recently unveiled a new FB group called Doctor Side Ventures. What do you hope can be shared in a group like this, that would help physicians thrive?”

    This sounds like a fantastic initiative. I believe this group can be a platform for physicians to share their entrepreneurial journeys, successes, and challenges.

    It can also be a space to share resources, advice, and opportunities.

    Most importantly, I hope it develops a sense of community among physician entrepreneurs, as we can achieve so much more when we support and learn from each other.



    What has been the most rewarding aspect of running the mastermind?

    For me, the most fulfilling part has been watching our members rediscover the joy in their careers.

    There’s nothing better than seeing them implement changes in their lives, launch successful businesses, and become happier versions of themselves.

    Their excitement and gratitude re-energizes me!


    Meet Dr. Myrdalis: A Video



    To see details of Dr. Myrdalis’ mastermind, MaxAllure, click here

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