We Help Build, Host, & Distribute Your Course.
You Collect the Paychecks.

Course Coach: Sharon McLaughlin, MD

Dr. McLaughlin is the founder of a Facebook Group called Female Physician Entrepreneurs, where "members root for each other while building businesses". She has had years of digital experience and has recently started a podcast to showcase the stories of the women in her group.

Digital Consultant: Dana Corriel, MD

Dr. Corriel is the founder of SoMeDocs, Doctors on Social Media, and all associated platforms. She is a physician turned entrepreneur, who specializes in digital design and strategy. She's helps market experts on a regular basis & is a digital designer/consultant.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
African Proverb

Bam. Here is What Ya Get.

The Course Coaching.

The thought of building a digital course alone can be daunting. We take the stress away, by teaming up with you, and coaching you along those steps. With years of experience online building, you’re in good hands.

You’ll get up to 4 hours of one-on-one hand-holding (done by one of our coaches (for example, Dr. McLaughlin representing our partnered FPE clients).

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. Anything past that time can be charged hourly.

Amy Fogelman Course Tile

The Hosting.

When you build with us, the course content itself will be held, in our hosting site, currently on Teachable a space where experts are sharing their online courses. The more courses we showcase, the more eyeballs land on our space and see other options. It’s a beautiful synergistic effort to get experts’ work showcased.

We pay the hosting fee so that YOU don’t have to. This means if no course sells on any given month, you’re not out any money. You simply get the link to your course (the address to your “shop”) to share with your audience, and all they need to do is click in and purchase (to learn from you).

The Course Managing.

When your course is up and running, on our hosting platform, we help you manage it. Think of us as your landlords. We collect the money, and pay you out your passive income monthly (minus the low percentage fee we charge).

We additionally have the capability to set up email collection, on your behalf, as well as affiliate tracking, so you can arrange to get help marketing your course with the contacts you wish to bring in, to get the word out, and we’ll simply keep track so you know.

The Clarity.

So you’ve decided to build a course. Now what?

Where it comes to figuring out next-steps, we can all use a little hand-holding. A bit more clarity. That’s where SoMeDocs stands out.

When you build & host with us, we help clarify not only the big picture, but steps along the way. Your coach will help keep you on track and churning out the content needed to make your course a reality, and ready to hit the virtual market. 

The Distribution.

SoMeDocs hosts a FB Group space that’s open to the public, where expert work can be showcased. In addition, SoMeDocs has over 40,000 followers across social media, and growing, with folks ready to hear about experts’ work, and click in to enroll in innovative, new courses; yours!

The SoMeDocs Membership.

Purchase our package and receive complimentary SoMeDocs NETWORK Membership for one year, which gets you not only a profile, but also various landing pages built into our website, inclusion in our members-only projects, lectures, and more. It’s a $959.88 yearly value! Check out our perks.

We’re building The Expert Hub & we’re excited to have you in it.

University Inclusion

Your course gets an automatic placement in our SoMeDocs University space, for the duration of our agreement (an add-on feature for our members, a savings for you of $300/year)

S: Jackie Douge, an instructor in our University space, teaching parents how to teach children about race

Raw Footage of our April 2021 Live Video.

"I've used SoMeDocs as a launching point for finding new guests and to check in with what's hot in healthcare. It is both a starting point for those new to social media and those who are experts looking to tweak their voice."

What It'll Run Ya.

$979 per course

20% per course sold

No hosting fee

* see details


Most frequent questions and answers

The digital space allows each of us to advocate for ourselves. There’s no better time to build thought leadership around your expertise. And by building a course, you’re creating an opportunity to make passive income. Just create the course once, put in the effort and time, and walk away having helped someone else.

You can alternately fit building a course into your endpoint goal. For example, your course can end in a call to action asking others to hire you as a consultant or coach. You give them a flavor in the course, and convince them you’re the perfect fit!

You can do it alone.

But it’s so much easier (and more fun!) to do it with others. And especially with us.

We’ve got years of experience in the digital space, and we’ve got our finger on the healthcare social media pulse. Remember that what we’re offering is more than just course-building, too. It’s hosting & marketing & distribution. So it’s a big package that offers “more”.

Think of it this way:

We’re helping you build a course (we’re contractors at this phase, giving guidance as you construct a product that helps your brand grow. You’re building that course inside of our building, which already has a ton of traffic and is more likely to be seen!).

We’re hosting it for you in our space free of charge, which means your course stays in our high-traffic area, rent-free. We bring people into the building, and even put up an ad in that building, and all over town, to let them know that your course is there.

For that work, on our end, we’ll keep the 20%, but only if a course is sold. If a month goes by with no sales, no rent is due (you pay nothing!)

It’s a no-brainer.

With our hosting the course, yes. Your course needs to be priced at $399 or more. It’s still ok to price it as less, but the minimum amount per unit sold will be calculated from a $399 per course cost. 


However, this needs to be subject to SoMeDocs approval, since SoMeDocs is essentially managing your course for you. If approved, the affiliate amount earned off of courses sold would come off of your course percentage, and not SoMeDocs’ (ie, SoMeDocs makes 20% regardless of the amount you agree to give away via an affiliate).

No sweat. You can still use our services.

We cater to members who have existing courses, in their own spaces. We’ll customize space for your course in SoMeDocs University & give you access to tweak wording, as changes occur. You’ll be able to link directly to the sale of your course, without any percentage given (it’s a flat monthly fee).

Click into www.doctorsonsocialmedia.com/join-us for more info

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