Book: Undue Influences

A genius architect must delve into the deep recesses his own mind to learn how to dodge the dangerous mental domination emanating from both arms of government, before he runs out of time...
Book: Undue Influences
Book: Undue Influences

Debra E Blaine, MD

Book: Undue Influences

A genius architect must delve into the deep recesses his own mind to learn how to dodge the dangerous mental domination emanating from both arms of government, before he runs out of time...


About the Book

Joshua Plessman has no idea where he’s been or how he got to the office on 6th Avenue in New York City. All he knows is that his head feels like it is splitting open and he is covered in blood. What happened to him? Why can’t he remember anything? And … whose blood is this?

When Russell Vaderman investigates his nephew’s predicament, his extraordinary mental faculties lead him to the gruesome discovery that nefarious forces are literally controlling the minds of American citizens. Russell is then thrust into a deadly conflict between the two major political poles of power, as his innate ability to recognize and reverse the effects of this mental manipulation make him both desirable and dangerous to both sides. And if Russell refuses to cooperate with the corruption, he must die.

About the Writer

Debra E. Blaine was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island, New York. She received her BA with concentrations in Philosophy and Hebrew as part of the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin, and began graduate studies in Comparative Religion at Temple University before ultimately changing paths to earn her MD from Baylor College of Medicine in 1987. She has practiced Family and Urgent Care Medicine on Long Island and Queens for over thirty years. In 2019, the changing face of medicine, which reflects the changing attitudes of Western society, inspired her to write her first novel, “CODE BLUE: The Other End of the Stethoscope.” She used a medical thriller format to expose the effects of corporate greed on the American healthcare system because writing fiction provides an opportunity to influence the world from the gentler platform of entertainment, rather than to actively contribute to the “crisis fatigue” that has been ravaging our culture for the last span of years. Her newest book, “Undue Influences,” continues her campaign against the lust for power, and argues for the practice of integrity, which has become a rarity in our current political milieu. Dr. Blaine has a coaching practice where she works with disenchanted physicians and healthcare workers, and she loves animals, nature, and being outdoors. Her son who is also a physician (she couldn’t talk him out of it!), and she lives with her two rescue cats in Suffolk County, Long Island.

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Book: Undue Influences

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