Book: Through Thick and Thin: One Foster Family’s Eating Disorder Journey

When patients become family: a true story of making room for the unexpected and doubling down on love.

Carolyn Roy-Bornstein

Book: Through Thick and Thin: One Foster Family’s Eating Disorder Journey

When patients become family: a true story of making room for the unexpected and doubling down on love.


About the Book

Pediatrician Carolyn Roy-Bornstein and her husband Saul had a comfortably empty nest. Their sons were grown and flown. Then, Carolyn discovers that two of her patients are not doing well. They have lost their father to cancer and their mother is too mentally ill to care for them. They are placed in foster care where they are not thriving. In an effort to control their rapidly disintegrating world, one has developed a severe eating disorder. The other has started cutting.
In a giant leap of faith, Carolyn and Saul open their home to these two lost sisters, becoming their foster parents. Though herself a doctor, Carolyn was ill-equipped for the harsh realities of severe anorexia and its grueling treatment. And though she had worked with the Department of Children and Families for years as a pediatrician, she was unprepared for the bureaucratic struggles she would face trying to save her youngest foster child from this brutal disease. Despite these obstacles, this nascent foster family firmly commits to each other’s survival and ultimately thrives.
Lee Woodruff, New York Times bestselling author of In an Instant says Through Thick and Thin “will touch your heart and astound you at equal turns.”

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