Writing Genre: Healthcare

Book: Healthcare from the Trenches

Written By: Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS, FRCSI

Book: Healthcare from the Trenches
Book: Healthcare from the Trenches

Writing Genre: Healthcare

Book: Healthcare from the Trenches

Written By: Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS, FRCSI

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“Healthcare fromn the Trenches” is an honest and candid account of the challenges and barriers facing those who provide, and receive, healthcare in an increasingly complex and bureaucratic system. The book counts on the additional testimonial of more than 25 contributors, whether physicians, therapists, industry professionals and even patients in order to paint a broader story.
Section 1 details the typical struggle and hardships that face any physician during well over a decade of education and training with the author providing heartfelt, and often colorful, anecdotes which describe his journey as typical of the process.
Once the reader understands the long road to becoming a fully trained physician, Section 2 hits the reader with multiple chapters that describe the constant challenges which a physician must now face in the guise of diverse categories of obstacles: Government, large healthcare systems, insurance industry and the legal barriers that one must overcome simply to fulfill the role as healer.
Section 3 shares the role that society plays in much of these issues, showing how many frivolous societal pursuits seemingly take precedence over what we should value the most- our health.

Dr. Alejandro Badia is no stranger to the flaws and frustrations of the U.S. healthcare system. A leading hand surgeon with a medical degree from NYU, multiple accolades, and decades of experience, Dr. Badia has spent more than a quarter-century in the trenches of U.S. healthcare. His new book, Healthcare from the Trenches, is an open discussion of the failure of the U.S. healthcare system from the perspectives of its “providers” and patients—perspectives today’s healthcare debate sorely lacks. Badia counts on the input of over 25 contributors, whether colleagues, allied health professionals and even patients, to share real life anecdotes that often go untold. “People are challenged because of a flawed system,” says Dr. Badia. “Staff at insurance companies with no medical training dictate what constitutes reimbursable care. The result is that their interference disrupts the doctor-patient relationship, delays or prevents delivery of care, and presents obstacles to new approaches that would actually improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.” The book lays no claim in purporting how to "fix" the system, but the goal is to candidly expose the constant challenges that those in the trenches of healthcare must face on a daily basis in order to deliver much needed care. Despite being twice as expensive as the next country on the list of costly healthcare systems per capita, we lag far behind many others in terms of healthcare quality rankings. Much of the money spent does not go to delivery care but rather lining the pockets of the complex megapolis and bureacracy that has become the US healthcare system.
Alejandro Badia, MD

About the Author

Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS, FRCSI is a hand and upper extremity surgeon, author and healthcare entrepreneur in Doral (Miami), Florida. Badia studied physiology at Cornell University and obtained his medical degree at NYU, where he also trained in orthopedics. A hand fellowship at Alleghany General Hospital in Pittsburgh was followed by an AO trauma fellowship in Freiburg, Germany. He runs an international hand fellowship and due to an interest in teaching, cofounded the renowned Miami Anatomical Research Center ( M.A.R.C. ) in 2005. In 2008 he created the Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, having previously co-founded the Miami Hand Center, and Surgery Center at Doral soon followed by OrthoNOW®, the first immediate orthopedic care center in south Florida, currently being evaluated for national expansion. He is past president of the Intl. Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand (ISSPORTH) is a member of several orthopedic societies (AAOS, ASSH, EWAS), and honorary member of more than 10 international hand surgery organizations. Having lectured in all seven continents, he is currently focused on improving healthcare delivery in the orthopedics and sports medicine realm. Dr Badia has outlined his journey and delved into the major challenges and hurdles of delivering healthcare in the U.S. through his Amazon best-selling book, “Healthcare from the Trenches” published during the Covid19 pandemic

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