The problem:

You don’t have a sales team, and people are reaching out via social media with questions


A solution:

Here’s a quick online business tip that will help you to further establish online presence, with less effort.

People will find you and reach out to you with specific questions, as you build presence.

At the start, it may just be one question, here and there. but as you continue building, you’ll soon find yourself peppered with questions from all angles.

Large businesses will typically hire a sales team, at this moment. But a lot of us are building frugally, either because we’re doing it as a side gig, or because we just don’t have the financial backing to pay an entire team.

My advice is to pay attention to the questions, and notice if any are repeating. A question doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but can be approximately revolving around a specific niche topic.

The point here is that you need to preserve your time and effort, and get a bigger return on your time investment.

What I’ve done to tackle this is the following:

I identify similar questions, being sent to me on a repeated basis.

I write them down in the notes section of my phone. This can also be a space on your laptop computer, if you use that most. The notes section of my iPhone just happens to sync up with my computer, so regardless of which device I’m using, I can refer to that space quickly.

I open up a section in the notes app called frequently, posed questions.

I write out the repeated question, and bold it.

I then spend some time crafting a well thought out response that accurately answers the question, but also drives traffic to exactly where I need it driven.

I can now refer back to this process every time a new question is posed. Every time I now see a question being repeated, it takes me just a few seconds to copy and paste my already thought-out reply. If I need to make small tweaks to customize that response to the person that’s asking, I can do that, too.

When I identify new questions that appear to be repeated, I simply re-open the Notes app, and write out that question in bold.

This creates a list, at my fingertips, that I can access in the matter of seconds. It helps me to act as a sales team, without actually having a sales team.

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