Healthcare Systems Transformation & Operations Consultant | Passionate Physician & Care Team Advocate | Fierce Patient Advocate | Systems Thinker | Innovator | Mentor | Interim & Fractional Operations Leadership

Visionary healthcare administration leader and elite performer known for strong ethic, integrity, and commitment to high-quality patient care and clinical program efficiency through a high level of physician and care team engagement.

Passionate, hands-on Strategic Partner and Health Care Operations Transformation Consultant with extensive hospital system and multispecialty group practice operational and financial leadership experience, and a track record of successful physician practice management and advocacy. Progressed through rigorous nursing courses to hospital administration program aiming to affect change on behalf of physicians, care teams, patients, and families. Often referred to as the “Doctor Whisperer”.

An innovative, creative thinker who leverages a consultative approach drawing on 20+ years of healthcare administration and a passion for leading multidisciplinary teams to strategize processes for access to safe, timely, and high-quality care. Strong interest and ability to assess and evaluate technology along with key stakeholders to enhance and support clinical and administrative performance. A builder and promoter of clinical programs; creating an infrastructure, defining roles, and recruiting top-performing teams that uphold high standards of integrity and patient advocacy.

A clinically savvy, trusted partner committed to exceeding expectations, keeping physicians and patients’ interests at the center of decision-making, and focusing on enhanced value; able to challenge authority to protect patients and care teams. Believer in physician and care team advocacy to successfully implement patient-centric advocacy models of care. Small eyes and big ears to uncover countless opportunities for improvement and engagement through a bottoms-up systems-based approach with the voice of the frontline workers directing and implementing the necessary changes.

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