Amruti Borad, D.O.

Concierge Family Physician, Physician Coach


I am a board certified Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician. I enjoy Family Medicine as I get to be a Jackie of all trades and nurture long-term relationships with families! I completed my residency at UCLA,  continued a career at UCLA in academic medicine before transitioning to UC San Diego Health  non-academic, patient-centered department. During this time, I was also a volunteer preceptor for one of the UC San Diego Health Free Clinics, until the Pandemic. I then soon became the Department COVID19 Lead Physician, followed by the Clinic Medical Director and the Department Wellness Director. I had the opportunity to achieve my Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and graduated from the Health Leadership Academy at UC San Diego Health. This brought me great purpose – the ability to be at the forefront of Physician and Staff burnout prevention and make positive changes for our patients on a larger scale within the healthcare system. Regardless of this passion, I, like many others, reached a breaking point and it was time to make a hard decision. I decided to choose my own well-being and once I did that, a great opportunity came along. I was invited to join a Concierge Medicine practice at UC San Diego Health, allowing me more time with my patients, resulting better in health outcomes and achieving a true work-life balance. I like to think my Physician Coach opened a door in my mind I didn’t know existed. I think I would left medicine without her support, and because of that, I am paying it forward and have been in coach training at The Life Coach School, with a goal to work with Physicians, and reveal that everything you need is right within you.

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Don't hesitate. All you need is within you. Take the next best step.
Amruti Borad, D.O.
Amruti Borad, D.O.
Concierge Family Physician, Physician Coach

Don't hesitate. All you need is within you. Take the next best step.

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