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Welcome to our healthcare innovation hub, where we believe in creating healthcare resources that are anything but BORING. We verify the health experts we connect you to, and even build content with them – conferences, shows, magazine & more. Our ultimate mission is to promote autonomy for doctors & patients everywhere. Here, you can learn from us and you can learn with us. Here, you’ll learn from the best.

Harpreet Tsui, DO, FACOI, Dipl of ABOM
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“The days of Unclear (& Boring) Resources in Healthcare are finally over!”

Michael Hersh, MD

“It’s been a lot of fun getting to know everyone and learning from their content. And, it works! My post impressions are up almost 60% over the last week. It is a commitment, but if you’re looking to build your social media presence, this is a great way to jump start your progress.”

Michael Hersh, MD

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“SoMeDocs is an excellent resource for physicians looking to amplify their voice.”

Kersha Pennicott, MD


“The clear-headed vision of working together with SoMeDocs has led to my 6-episode show. I am hooked. SoMeDocs is tops.”

Samuel Shem, MD (The House of god)

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We’re here to promote autonomy for the individual experts in healthcare. We’ve aggregated resources right here on the website, through articles, lectures, conferences, and various services. We’ve also formed private communities to help our these committed individuals to navigate today’s complex world and network effectively, and to take advantage of new & exciting  opportunities.

Users of the online world have become overwhelmed with a sea of online information, thrown at them from every direction. We’re here to simplify. The majority of our content is publicly available, so you can quickly connect with verified experts, soak up content, and get excited about healthcare (and your health)!

SoMeDocs is run by an actual medical doctor, who experienced practicing medicine and the hardships from within the system, for both patients and doctors. Over the past years, SoMeDocs has gained the trust of its audience members, as well as that of the medical community, because of the uniqueness of our resources. We are constantly in search of the next innovative tool that’s in need of building, and we always keep both patients and physicians in mind. Our goal is to promote the autonomy of individuals within healthcare, for better health all around.


We have both free and paid membership options for becoming more involved. 

Additionally, you can now take part in our virtual conferences, and earn income as you do.

We do also run a few interactive FB groups behind the scenes, to facilitate networking: Doctor Side Ventures and SoMeDocs Network Members (for Network level only).

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