WHEN:2024-04-10 10:00 EST

04/10-04/17 (CONFERENCE) Art & Soul CME Retreat Olhão, Portugal

This conference’s goal is for you, the doctor, to focus on yourself. Heal, explore, share, practice, create, play, connect, laugh, & restore your balance, realign with your core values, Leave joyful.


2024-04-10 10:00 EST

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For women physicians who want to learn creative ways to feel more joy & presence, so they are no longer feeling stressed & burnout won’t overwhelm. It’s time to live life on their terms.

  • To let food also be a mindful experience and a tool for stress reduction that you can use anywhere, whether it be the preparing and or the eating.
  • Explore beautiful beaches and vineyards and use mindfulness practices to truly be present and enhance these experiences beyond the usual vacation experience.
  • Open your heart and invite peace and creativity into your body at a Cacao ceremony.
  • Have time to share and be present with women like you who want connection, understanding, acceptance. In this safe space be able to be recognize the true boundaries or limitations in your goals. Consider ways to potentially mitigate them and what mindset shifts are required to do so.
  • Realign yourself with your core values.
  • Leave having learned to relax and be present, realigned with your core values, feel empowered and free to make the changes to live life on your terms, to prevent burnout, while handling stress with the tools learned, so you can do what matters in your heart feeling joyful every single day. 


Topics submitted for CME:

  • Art and Medicine Empathy and Expression 
  • Physician wellness, distress, depression, suicide 
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  Mindful eating experience  
  • Empowering physicians to begin self care starting with themselves – the body scan 
  • Benefits of Art in mindfulness and stress reduction – Incorporating the 5 Senses 
  • Self-efficacy and well-being through meditation – practice in sitting meditation 
  • Practicing mindfulness and stress reduction with pottery – guided meditation 
  • Awareness of self in the moment and adjusting to navigate self in time 
  • Compassion the key to overcoming hurdles with meditation 
  • Setting boundaries, asking for help, enhancing well being 
  • Progressive muscle relaxation  
  • Delayed gratification and acceptance of good enough an art based model 
  • Building community wellness through shared experiences and unity 


Learning Objectives

  • Define Burnout 
  • Describe the effects of burnout on physicians, patients, and health care systems  
  • Identify at least 3 common methods of relaxation/ stress reduction 
  • Identify common methods to re-frame beliefs that may serve physicians  
  • Define self-care 
  • List 3 specific strategies to decrease clinician burnout and increase resilience 
  • Describe Mindfulness based stress reduction and how it can be used to decrease distress 
  • Identify at least one action participants could take to improve their well-being  
  • Define the scientific method to test one change and assess outcomes, then move forward iteratively for continuous improvement  



  • Practice mindfulness and stress reduction through art and creativity by making pottery with your host and learning to paint ceramic tiles with a local renowned artisan.
  • Benefits or Art and mindfulness- Incorporating the 5 senses
  • Set boundaries without guilt, ask for help and enhance a sense of wellbeing.
  • Self-worth, enhancing our self-worth through meditation and then allowing oneself to use that when navigating the world when home.
  • Improve Self-compassion, reflecting.
  • Delayed Gratification & acceptance of good enough.
  • Building a community of wellness through shared experiences and unity


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04/10-04/17 (CONFERENCE) Art & Soul CME Retreat Olhão, Portugal

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04/10-04/17 (CONFERENCE) Art & Soul CME Retreat Olhão, Portugal


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